Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Still no pictures, but less ranty

Got a whole buttload of new designs on the way. I've sort of taken the approach of "try anything" during the course of doing the Demons project, I had a month or so of hesitation about creating new moulds in the wake of deciding on doing master moulds. Eventually I decided that was just unrealistic and pointless and finally, very expensive.

So the plan now is to just crank these things out, not to censor any ideas, regardless of goofiness, unreal-ism or anything. I had someone point out they thought my stuff needed more work, can't say I was offended in the slightest - even though I have sold stuff and have had very positive feedback so far, it reminded me there's always room for improvement. And I don't fancy myself a professional just yet, I reckon I have a long way to go.

Once I have all these pieces, the moulds should yield a good couple dozen prosthetics each before they start to turn to crap. I have then suss out which ones are the best, redo them - improving them - and making master moulds of them. Hopefully giving me a decent selection of pieces. At least that's the plan.

I got 2 new pieces moulded today, I think Friday or over the weekend I'll try to crank out some new positive moulds and try to get at least 2-3 new pieces done by  next weekend. Got some new designs that will require more then just Ultrcal 30 and foam latex as well, won't be starting those for another couple weeks unfortunately.

And a slew of photoshoots are on the horizon. I think about 5 and featuring 13 demons in total across all the shoots. From those there'll be 2 videos being produced - just silly stuff, just for fun, not actually short movies or anything but actual music videos.

And lastly, there's a new product for the shop being produced right now. Still in the sculpting phase, I debated about posting some images but I'm going to wait until it's moulded and I have a final, ready to sell pieces. And it's going to be pretty cool.

Until then, I'm off to fight evil...And to try and find an alarm clock prop that was kicking around here int he way for the last 2 years and has finally chosen now to vanish when I actually need it.