Friday, June 19, 2015

Dwarf photo shoot.

I had worked on this shoot for some time and while I was pretty happy with how the pictures came out, the conditions were a little distracting - the heat and the insects - that I failed to notice a few
wardrobe malfunctions that didn't ruin the pictures, but annoyed me a little to see.

The idea behind the shoot was to do a Hobbit inspired Dwarf, not to replicate anything specific from the movies, but to create my own version.

Most people probably won't see what I'm talking about, so I won't mention what went wrong so it doesn't ruin the pictures for anyone.

I also made a pair of short swords I intended to feature in some of the shots a little more prominently, again because of the conditions, we rushed a little and didn't bother. We plan on revisiting this shoot in the fall when it's cooler and no insects to see what else we can get out of the shoot. I'll probably do the beard up a little better as well.

Overall, I'm happy with the shots, it worked as well as I'd planned and I look forward to doing a little more with this makeup and costume.

Now normally I only create Demon characters, but in the mythology behind my characters, Dwarves actually are of Demonic origins (as are all typical fantasy creatures), they are a cross breeding of an ancient breed of Earth Troll and Neanderthal Man. This created a short humanoid being, explains the englarged nose, ears, (and sometimes prominent brow) and excessive body hair across both genders.Also the stereotypical  aspects of living underground and mining, but very strong traits in Earth Trolls.