Saturday, January 31, 2015

Demon Elvira

For some reason this idea never occurred to me earlier. I was trying to think of iconic female characters that could easily be Demonized and that would be recognizable to a wide audience - Elvira of course is a brilliant idea. So it took a while to organize, but it eventually happened.
The hardest part of this, oddly enough was the dress. Amidst all the other overly skankified Halloween costume you'd think an Elvira costume would be simple, it normally is cut pretty low, but the costume version was cut just below the collar bone. We had to adjust it in order to accommodate the massive prosthetic boobs I made just for this shoot.
They weren't properly fitted to the model, Heather, but they worked pretty well in the end. In fact none of the prosthetics were fitted to her, not the boobs, not the cowl or the brow - but it more or less worked and I'll admit there was some photoshopping to clean up some problem areas.

I have a couple more that turned out really well I might do up at some point to use for some odd purpose, but for now I'm settling on these.