Monday, September 28, 2009

My keyboard is messed up...

I'm missing my "M" key - so you an imagine how hard that last sentence was. It's weird how much missing one key really throws off the rest of your typing, so be warned there could be typos aplenty.

First off, I've managed to get into doing the post work on Malice this last week and it's going really well aside from a new glitch with the newer software. It may not be noticeable, I've yet to watch it on a TV to really know for sure, but any shot that I have to do up an FX shot, it gets a slight soft focus - and that's just coming right out of Premiere before I do anything, it doesn't appear to get worse if I have to rework the shot several times, I guess I'll see, either way I've learned to live with it at this point.

In any case, the FX are going well, there's only a few shots left in the first few scenes - aside from The Titan. The Demon, whose only in 4 shots looks pretty good, I have one shot left with him.

Right now I'm just adjusting the colour of a lot of the FX-less scenes and it's looking a lot nicer then when it was shot, Overall it's coming along pretty well so far.

Still working on the audio for Cronus and Bimbo Zombie Killers!, it'd be nicer if it was going faster, but there's no problems it's just going slow.

And it looks like we'll be putting a massive rush on The 3D Movie to get it done. It could end in disaster since my lead actress will be leaving in about 25 days. That seems to happen a lot lately, I have to be more careful next time.

And there's a few other new things happening, for now we'll just see how this month goes.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Slow and steady progress

Things are starting to get back in order. I've sent word to the actors for The 3D Movie that i hope to start shooting next week. There's still a few minor details to sort out, but things are well underway.

As far as future projects, there's only 2 left for this years. 3 if you count on that I've already shot 80% of, All About Monsters. I still need the "dramatization" footage for that. Karl is up next, it should've been Grayson and Gortch, but since it's a Lethal Weapon parody and that movie was set at Christmas, we'll be going the same way.

Speaking of Grayson and Gortch though, I got the first prosthetic for it done today, came out not too bad, a few problems that can still be fixed. The biggest problem was the batch of foam didn't quite work very well, I think the latex might be off or something - I have no idea if it's even possible for latex to go "off." In any case, it's not too bad. There are some definite problem spots, mostly caused by the off latex.

So next I'll be getting ready for Karl, which should be somewhat easy since it's just a documentary and most of the footage will just be improved anyway. There'll be a story, just not sure what yet. That almost means I'll have to subject myself to the having my face cast since i'll be playing Karl - I'm sort of not looking forward to it, since I have to train either Draper or Kim to do it and it's a full face cast. We'll see how that goes, if there's no update afterwards, you'll know it went bad.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grayson and Gortch

I'm definitely running way behind schedule on these shorts, I'm hoping i can catch up before I can no longer shoot outside.

I did make some decent progress today. i started working on the Gortch prosthetic for the Grayson and Gortch movie. I decided rather then buying several of the same ones originally used for Malice, that I would make my own - mainly because of the expense.

This particular prosthetic is pretty delicate, and while I managed to peel it off somewhat intact, I can't really rely on that being the case every time I need to reapply it. It's rather ridiculous when I'm fully capable of making my own - that and the cost of ordering just one is more them what it'll cost me to make 6 or 7 on my own, so it only makes sense to do it this way.

So I won't take credit for the design, that was done by the good folks at Scream Team, they make really decent prosthetics, most of which were used in Malice.

The original in Malice.

The sculpt of the new one,
designed to fit the actor much better.
The script is still being worked on, although it's coming along pretty well.

As far as the other movies, here's where we are:

Bimbo Zombie Killers!: Video is done, a rough audio track is laid down, just need to add end credits and record all the dialog.

Cronus: Video is nearly complete, one shot is missing I need to get that at some point and that should take care of that. End credits are needed, sound effects and dialog are still needed as well.

The 3D Movie: Way behind schedule. Still working on props, there's still stuff I haven't even thought of yet. A couple locations are still needed as well as extras. I'm really hoping to get moving on this soon.

And that's it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cronus Opening Title Sequence

It's been awhile since I posted anything other then ramblings about how things are going - they're still going slow, although it's been picking up this week - so I thought I post the opening title sequence to Cronus.

They're not totally done, at least as far as music or whoever I'll find to do the music is concerned, otherwise totally done. What you're hearing is just a temp track, the same music I used for the trailer.

The main reason I'm showing it off, is because if you're familiar with Film Noir, then you might recognize it.

Came out pretty good as far as I'm concerned. Here's hoping the movie itself will be just as decent. The video should be done this weekend, I'm working on the audio for both this and Bimbo Zombie Killers! all weekend.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bimbos and Demons

I've finally finished the video part of Bimbo Zombie Killers! and it looks pretty good. I might watch it a few times and decide to adjust the 70's look to it, but that's nothing major and effects nothing as far as moving on to the audio is concerned - which will hopefully be starting next week.

Also, I took another look at Cronus today, just to refamiliarize myself with it. It also needs to be processed to give it an older film look. The FX are done, one actros dialog is all recorded and soon I'll be finalizing that an getting into the audio. I'm hoping to finish the video by end of next week.

As far as The Horrible Alien Brain Monsters From Outer Space in 3D goes, it's been put on hold, but I should be getting back into it this week and if all goes well I'll be ready to start scheduling the rest of the shoot by early next week. So here's hoping all goes well.

Next up is Grayson and Gortch, basically it's Lethal Weapon with demons. I had a hard time getting the script together, so like Cronus, I watched a movie with the basic idea of what I'm going for an just took a lot of notes and more or less turned the movie into a Lethal Weapon clone. It's a bit of a cheat since I'm following nearly exactly the way Lethal Weapon was done - I'm hoping the next rewrite will give it a little something of it's own. More on this pretty soon.

And in limbo, but mostly filmed, is All About Monsters. It's been idling away on the backburner since the remainder of it is a series of very quick shots with a lot of FX. Mainly the monster, which I have yet to even design. I'm hoping to start snagging footage next month maybe.

And that's it. I can offically say without a doubt that Bimbo Zombie Killers! will be done by October 1st and hopefully even Cronus.