Friday, September 18, 2009

Slow and steady progress

Things are starting to get back in order. I've sent word to the actors for The 3D Movie that i hope to start shooting next week. There's still a few minor details to sort out, but things are well underway.

As far as future projects, there's only 2 left for this years. 3 if you count on that I've already shot 80% of, All About Monsters. I still need the "dramatization" footage for that. Karl is up next, it should've been Grayson and Gortch, but since it's a Lethal Weapon parody and that movie was set at Christmas, we'll be going the same way.

Speaking of Grayson and Gortch though, I got the first prosthetic for it done today, came out not too bad, a few problems that can still be fixed. The biggest problem was the batch of foam didn't quite work very well, I think the latex might be off or something - I have no idea if it's even possible for latex to go "off." In any case, it's not too bad. There are some definite problem spots, mostly caused by the off latex.

So next I'll be getting ready for Karl, which should be somewhat easy since it's just a documentary and most of the footage will just be improved anyway. There'll be a story, just not sure what yet. That almost means I'll have to subject myself to the having my face cast since i'll be playing Karl - I'm sort of not looking forward to it, since I have to train either Draper or Kim to do it and it's a full face cast. We'll see how that goes, if there's no update afterwards, you'll know it went bad.

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