Saturday, December 19, 2009

DVDs, sound effects and a theremin

So that's what new.

The DVDs for Bimbo Zombie Killers! are finally done, I did them up mainly for the folks who were in the movie. I'm not selling them - at least not yet. so you'll just have to enjoy this lovely picture until then.

The 3D movie is very close to be done. I've made a good start on the audio, luckily the style of audio for this movie is meant to be relatively minimal, so it should be easy. I'm already done the first half of the movie almost, I reckon it shouldn't be too hard for the rest.

Also, the soundtrack should be following shortly - so you might be seeing this one my mid-January. I've finally got my Theremin, although it's not quite what I expected. Ah well, still cool. It's going to be one of the worst movies ever made.

Speaking which, making bad movies...I had actually written a long rant about this, but I just don't feel like it. Basically, I'm a little in awe of the fact that no matter how obvious a joke, there are just going to be some people who simply will not get it. And oddly enough, the only negative comments came from people who very obviously missed the point.

It's sort of sad, but whatever - this movie, or any other, obvious wasn't, or won't be, for them. I suspect that even if they got it, they still wouldn't have liked it - but at least getting the joke would be a good start

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Brain Monsters Invade and other crap...

I thought was rather amusing so I thought I'd post it here. Now, I don't know about you, but my first thought here was - what would the average newspaper reader who stumbled across this think? I mean, Prince Edward Island isn't exactly the place where a lot of weird and crazy stuff goes on (at least not like this) so it's not like folks around here are jaded to this. I mean, the rest of the photos in this page, it was a large spread of local news basically, were all staged pictures of people accepting awards or posed behind their desk...and then there was me and these 3 weirdos.

It wasn't an interview or anything, we were just shooting and a woman, whose name I never got actually, took some pictures while we were getting ready and when we had a moment asked us what we were doing. A fair question. I can't believe she got the name of the movie right.

In other news, the 3D movie is very nearing completion, a few other outside projects got thrown up in the way and are slowing things down, but it's been worth it. I'll be working on the sound effects this week - even though I'd hoped to be through with them by now.

The other projects are on hold, I really need to tie up all the lose ends I have going on right now before I can comfortably move on and dive into another project. The winter is a good time to regroup and rethink a few things.

One major change coming up is I've decided to scrap one project. I was planning on doing a Japansese style action movie short, sort of a live action Anime. I've done that before and it was beginning to seem like a huge expense just to make it look right and I've really lost interest in the idea totally. So instead of that one, I've come up with a 1980's style slasher flick, The Monkey Rodeo: Bloody Summer Camp of Gore. That's a tentative title.

It'll be silly and over the top, much like Bimbo Zombie Killers! was. I had such a good reaction from that, it seemed like a good idea to sort of venture back into that territory. It's a fun style most people relate to and can enjoy regardless of whether or not they even like that kind of movie.

I've got a few plot ideas. I'll be writing it over the winter as well as getting things ready for the other movies.