Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Horia Sarauta Demon (12 Months of Demons - March) possibly nsfw

I did a shoot a couple weeks again with the attempt of taking a somewhat inhuman face and trying to make it look beautiful. Keeping that in mind, as well as taking into account that for my "12 Months of Demons" shoot for February was a little phoned in and simple, I decided to just do something a little weirder than usual and see what happens.

I used the Sarauta Demon prosthetics from that last shoot, I wanted something dramatic and a weird, this seemed like a good start. I thought bright yellow and purple, with blue horns would definitely make it decently bright and freaky looking.

And then I thought, this could look even weirder if we tried some prosthetic breasts and treated it like that kind of shoot. Oddly enough, and it's probably because I've been doing it for so long, it actually works and we got some while weird and freaky, really decent looking shots. The resulting character seems like it could've been from the movie Nightbreed - which is kind of awesome.

Quexital Demon (12 Months of Demons - February)

I'm came up with a idea to do a Demon shoot a month using one specific model. It was an afterthought upon finishing this shoot last month. This one wasn't massively thought it, it too was added to get something done for February - but I've got some much more elaborate and interesting looking makeups planned for the coming months, as well as a road trip photo shoot where we'll try to do 6 shoots in 3 days while on the road in a couple neighboring provinces.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Morea Demon

I recently got a commission to do some prosthetics pieces for someone, and I thought I'd try it out myself with a photo shoot. I also recently got an off camera flash, so the choice of local the model picked out - a dark old basement - worked out pretty well for testing it.

The pieces consisted of a revamp of a piece of my own design, the forehead, which I integrated skin ridges to slip Worbla horns into - I was happy with how it worked, the horns weren't too heavy at all to be just glued into place.

The lower half of the face was from a design the commissioner found, I altered it slightly, but overall I think it worked really well.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Sarauta Demon

I've always liked the idea of prosthetics that totally don't line up with human features. I've done a couple before, there was a Cthulhu piece and a Cyclops shoot - but I wanted to do something that was unique, something that was potentially monstrous, but actually rather beautiful in its own way. I guess the notion is (as much as I hate saying it out loud or writing it because it sounds so pretentious) to challenge the idea of beauty. To see if I could take something very inhuman looking but shoot it in a rather traditional way that "beauty" is photographed and actually make it work in its own context.

I think it does. I'm actually really happy with how this somewhat weird, kind of artsy in an 80s sort of way,  shoot turned out.