Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Demon Punk.

I wasn't expecting to love this shoot as much as I did. I liked the idea and overall it seemed like it was going to be a decent shoot, but once I finished up the makeup I absolutely loved the look of the character - it's very simple looking overall, but there's a really nice movie quality to it. Maybe that was me, maybe it was my model - probably a combination of both. Robin did a great job with it.

I used, once again, the generic cowl piece I made some time ago - I have several more shoots planned with it and even several more ideas to modify it, so I'll definitely be using it for more shoots as often as possible until the mould degrades too much.

The original design had a series of long spikes to represent a mohawk. Something about it wasn't exactly working for me and I'd just watched Pacific Rim again and thought a single, blade-like fin might be kind of cool. So it was very Kaiju inspired. I was a little worried it might not work since it was a pretty finicky 3 part mould - but it turned out just fine.

I think the other element that totally made it work was the fake tattoos. I had always planned on painting one on the side of her head - but I had forgotten I had a couple Tinsely Transfer tattoos lying around and it just happened to be this jailhouse looking scorpion tattoo - so that went right on her neck. With it was an RIP tattoo - Robin suggestion it should go on her right cheek, and it turned out to have been a perfect choice.

We didn't have a location in mind, normally when I do urban shots I use Charlottetown, since I'm familiar with it, but I was getting bored with it and decided to head to another nearby town for this shoot. I'm not as familiar with it, so we sort of just  drove about and found places.

I was a little worried I might not ever get that one great shot - but I ended up with several. Seems lately the shoots have been going that way - which is awesome. Nothing worse than spending time and money on a shoot and it's just so-so. Robin found a perfect fitting leather jacket on her own and the boots really sold it, she bought those at at used clothing store and had already painted them up for a Harley Quinn cosplay she's doing, they worked great for this, either way.

It was a great shoot. I'm really happy with it. I still love the look of the big fin type thing, I think it works really well as a mohawk alternative. My next shoot with Robin, hopefully this weekend if the weather holds is going to be pretty awesome, we're doing a Demon TankGirl.

Post Apocalypse Demon

This is one of those shoots that I could have worked on the costume for years, but time and money and all that I decided to keep it simple - rather than a Mad Max style style look, or even Fallout, but more basic like Book of Eli (not that I liked the movie that much, it's just a nice simple post-apocalyptic type setting).

My friend had a motorcycle and we figured we use that as a bit of a prop, loaded it up with bags and weapons.

I had planned to photoshop in a new background to make it look a little more bleak, but I have so much on the go right now I felt they worked as is. I might do something later down the road when I have more free time though.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Demon Gladiator

I really enjoyed the show Spartacus, it was just so over the top. At one point I had seen some promo photos of the character Saxa before she joined the show and was pretty much instantly struck at how awesome that would look for a Demon photo shoot. The costume was simple enough so I figured why not?

I didn't end up copy the character and her costume exactly, I put my own ideas in there, but overall it's pretty decent.

We were lucky to have done the shoot in just the right weather and at just the right time of day for the shots to turn out. Almost instantly each shot was fantastic looking.

And fortunately the beach wasn't too busy, I'm not a fan of people lurking and watching, I find it really distracting. That happened a bit towards the end of the shoot, but people really seemed to like it since several asked to take their own pictures - that hasn't happened too often before.

And normally I only get a handful of really, really decent shots. I used to only having around 6, 10 at max, to finish up. I could only narrow this shoot down to 22 or so, they were all just so great looking - and easy to finish, so I just did them all up.

Both myself and the model, who has done well over a dozen shoots, felt this was our best shoot together. And I think it might be the best one I've ever done, there's just something about how it all came together that I'm just really happy with.

About a day after the shoot I came up with another badass female TV character to do a Demon shoot of, hopefully in the coming spring we'll be doing Lagertha from Vikings.

And here's one last, totally out of character shot. The waves were a little stronger than we'd thought, about 2 seconds after this was taken I believe her bracers fell off and were rolling around in the waves - she caught them though.