Monday, July 28, 2008

In the works

Well, it's been quiet the last week. I've been trying to get stuff down for other projects and work, it's been slow but at least there's progress.

As far as The Monkey Rodeo goes, there's been some minor progress as well.I've managed to make a list of all the missing little insert shots, I should have them all in about 2 weeks time.

I've also been going over some of the CG characters and seeing what needs to be done to get them up to speed. As well as attempting to edit the final few scenes.

On the other side of Monkey Rodeo news, I've finally started something called The Monkey Rodeo Project - a temporary title for now. It'll be a series of short movies based off the same world as Malice. They'll be designed to be shot in 1-3 days, around 5-15 minutes long, nothing that requires months and months of shooting. I was hoping to have at least 7, and I've already got them, plus a few more ideas. So it's looking like around 10 perhaps.

I'm doing pre-production on these over the winter and shooting in the spring. The first one Demon Rum will be shooting end of next month. 1 night shoot, very little dialog and a minor CG character that's already done. We'll see how the first one goes.

That's it for now.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Running time

I've been sorting through all the footage, so far I can see nothing I'm missing. At least nothing that I already knew I was missing, I'm in the process of cataloging and attempting to get those shots.

I've been trying to get a rough idea of the running time of the movie, I knew it had to be fairly long - I was aiming for feature length. Right now we're looking at 70 minutes and there's still 15 out of 55 scenes to edit. 4 of those scene are major dialog/plot scenes and the rest are the entire ending of the movie. And then there's the title narration sequence that explains a bit of Malice's background and just why she was brought to the Brotherhood.

This should add, at least, another 15 minutes onto the movie. So I'm looking at at least 85 minutes, possible longer. Won't know until I try to make sense of out all the unedited footage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More pictures of the battle with the demon army

I just some more photos that were taken from the shoot the other day, some turned out really nice. Courtesy of Devon McGregor.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The aftermath of the battle

I spent a better part of the day editing the footage from Saturday, and it looks pretty swanky. I spent the rest of the day, and I'm still spending it, organizing all the footage from the last 4 years - and miraculously I think it's all there. Either way I reckon I can make it work somehow.

It's an absolute massive task trying to sort all this out, I've had to move almost everything around, sort through the script and make sure I've got everything labeled right and in the proper order. Next will be a rough assembly of the entire movie just to get an idea of the approximate running time...I've really no idea what to expect there.

It's a little overwhelming hunting through about 8 hard drives to see where you scattered everything, luckily, I kept things fairly tidy. So it's looking like we're all good so far, but it's taking forever to transfer everything over to the one drive I'm storing it all on. And then I have to take all that, and make a backup on another drive. Fun.

So while I'm doing that, I'll leave you with some stills from the footage from the other day.

The demon's about to find out the hard way why
not a good idea to jump outand
surprise Demon Hunters.

A good solid knee to the chest should do the trick.

Poor little Demon Hunters have lost their way.
Makes me think of Scooby Doo for some reason.

Tim having an Indiana Jones moment.

Draper takes out Jonny with a
rubber sword to the neck.

Draper and Joseph prepare for battle.

Tim sees he's missing out on the
senseless violence and
decides to join in.

Rick crushes Jonny with
the warhammer of DOOM!

Draper in an Aragorn moment.

A job well done kids.
You can never kill too many demons
in the run of a day.
I should take this time to point out all the actors in that last scene, we have Draper, Rick (they've been in the movie several times up to this point), Tim Gormley (he was in the original scene) and Joesph Ambrose (who came onboard a few weeks ago) - all playing the Brotherhood. And Jonny Hanes, Andrew Mooney (their first time in the movie), Graham Putnam (his third role in the movie) and Myk Hambly (his second time around) as the Demon Army.

I also had Kim Johnston helping me out behind the camera, taking pictures and keeping an eye on me to make sure I was actually recording something. And Pete Murphy came along to videotape the scene, but we couldn't get a video camera, so he just hung out and guarded our stuff.

Thanks again guys for doing this, it was definitely well worth it. After shooting this, I can almost see why there are folks who enjoy that LARPing thing, this was pretty much the same deal with just a little more disorganization and chaos.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Battle with the Demon Army

I've finally had time to go through all the pictures. So here you go.

It was a pretty good shoot overall. Everything seemed to work out nearly perfect. So thanks to everyone who showed up.

And that's it. Finally done filming this thing after 4+ years. I've a few small shots still left to take to fill in some blanks, but they're mostly close up of hands or items, most don't even require the original actors or anything, I'll be working away at getting those done over the next couple months and then onto editing and trying to make a movie out of all this crap I've been shooting.