Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fun with Styrofoam...

I probably should've been working on this sooner, but I'm about halfway through getting the Titan Device ready for painting. I've got 2 2'x2'x2' cubes nearly done. Sealing the gaps up in one, the 2nd is ready to sand down and then I have to do 4 1'x1'x2' blocks - which I should get to working on tonight.

So far so good, there's styrofoam crap everywhere in my stairwell. The respirator I'm using while doing this tends to give me a bit of a headache because I already have some issues with my ears, something about air pressure and all that I guess.

I'm hoping to have the blocks nearly all done by Tuesday night.

This is about half the pile, it's getting whittled down slowly.

A failed attempt at creating a decent surface to carve into using
expanding foam. It ended up being way too soft and would've been
way too expensive in the end.

And here's the first nearly completed block. I'm in the process
of sealing it up so it won't be all crumbly like this crap tends to be.
Not exactly exciting, but it's something. As I mentioned before, it's the largest prop I've ever built, I've no idea what I'm doing really, I'm just making it up as I go - so far it's working pretty well, although it's terribly messy. I'm buying a small shop vac tomorrow to clean this all up.

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