Saturday, July 19, 2008

Running time

I've been sorting through all the footage, so far I can see nothing I'm missing. At least nothing that I already knew I was missing, I'm in the process of cataloging and attempting to get those shots.

I've been trying to get a rough idea of the running time of the movie, I knew it had to be fairly long - I was aiming for feature length. Right now we're looking at 70 minutes and there's still 15 out of 55 scenes to edit. 4 of those scene are major dialog/plot scenes and the rest are the entire ending of the movie. And then there's the title narration sequence that explains a bit of Malice's background and just why she was brought to the Brotherhood.

This should add, at least, another 15 minutes onto the movie. So I'm looking at at least 85 minutes, possible longer. Won't know until I try to make sense of out all the unedited footage.

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