Monday, August 14, 2017

Arrosa'Ubel Amanzi Demon.

My last planned shoot for August, although that could change I suppose. I need to take a quick break to catch up on other work. I've been doing a bit of experimenting with makeup, application techniques, cutting corners to speed the process up, types of makeup, etc.

The main reason behind going with fuchsia as the main colour for this makeup was because I happened to have tights the same colour as some body paint that I had and I wanted to test an idea I've been rolling round that I could fake a full body makeup by using a top with long sleeves (leaving only the hands, neck and sometimes face, to be painted and either shorts or a skirt with the tights. You get a big splash of colour, for very little work.

Overall I think the fake full body paint idea worked pretty well - some shots the idea reads a little better than others.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blue Lenaka Demon.

I did another shoot reusing the Lenaka Demon cowl prosthetic I did a shoot with a couple week ago. I didn't really go too far away as far as the subject matter goes, but I did want to paint it all up rather than keeping it simple looking.

It's been awhile since I did a full body paint job, it's pretty tiring and this was a little experimental - while not entirely successful, I did learn a lot from it I might try another time in hopes I get a more durable, long lasting paintjob.

The main idea was to just do a black backdrop for the shoot, but I felt like we might as well snag a few more outside somewhere. Went to an old lighthouse and quickly grabbed a few more to round out the shoot, I was a little surprised how many of those turned out really nice too.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Amanzi Demon

I finally got to do a shoot at a pool, not the most beautiful and idyllic pool area in all the land but you get what you can. I've tried a couple times over the years at several places and most every time the conversation (in email) just ended, no response. I can at least respect when someone says no, it's when they just can't be bothered responding that puts them in the twatwaffle category.

It just so happened, in this case, that the model used here actually worked at a place with a pool that was more than happy it seemed to allow us in. And usually shoots like this, involving a location in a commercial space, tend to feel a little rushed or stressful - this one started a little wonky as I tried for more dramatic lighting and went to pretty smooth sailing once I scrapped that idea and we just used the natural lighting.

In the makeup application I was a little concerned the makeup wasn't going to work as planned. It was my first time applying this particular cowl and it didn't not fit as I expected and didn't actually look all that awesome, with the paint job I was able to hide the issues a bit and upon doing the post processing on the pictures, most of the issue were totally gone. Doesn't often happen that way.

Normally I don't get so many pictures in the end, once I've whittled away at all the ones that didn't turn out for various reasons, then discarding the ones that are pretty much repeats, or just slight variations - in this case, even though there's definitely some that are just slight variations, I couldn't really decide and ended up with quite a few pictures.

We also had to sort of plan out what we were doing, instead of just jumping in the water and going for it, we made sure we did as much out of the pool as possible to ensure the makeup stayed on as long for the duration. I think it took about 30 minutes or more of being in the water before it started to fall apart.

Overall I'm really happy with the shoot and how it turned out. I had hopes but wasn't sure and even during the shoot I felt I got a couple decent shots, didn't expect to see just how many worked.