Monday, March 27, 2017

Okchakko Demon, Demon Headshots.

The latest in my Demon Headshots series. I'm realizing now that this is a great series to do during winter, inside, anywhere, night or day, weather doesn't really matter. I might ease off on them during the summer and pick up doing them again next winter, although I do have a few more I want to do this round.

I've occasionally heard that green is not a great colour for makeup, that it's unflattering and whatnot. At first thought I would agree with that,  but the upon actually making a green demon I couldn't disagree with it more. I guess it would depend on the shade of green of course, in the case of the green makeups I have access to I wouldn't say it's unflattering at all.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You like sales? You like gluing foam latex to your face? For the month of April there will be several sales and specials at The Monkey Rodeo Etsy store.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Modri Demon, Demon Headshots.

This is the second of a new series of photo shoots I'm trying out that I'm just calling Demon Headshots. The idea is just as it sounds, a series of pictures of headshots of Demons.It focuses more on the makeup, I get to play around with some simple yet dramatic lighting and the shoots themselves are pretty quick and much easier on the models since they don't have to worry about costumes, full body posing, locations aren't as much of an issue - overall, just easier.

 The only real downside is the pictures can come off a little repetitive, so you don't get a huge variety of final images, but it does allow me to focus on a very specific outcome a little more. Not every shoot I'll be doing from now on will look like this, just every so often.