Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Blue Hoana Demon

My last shoot for some time using this particular prosthetic - I absolutely love how the piece turned out and so far the two other shoots I've done with it turned out great. This shoot reminded me that some shoots are very much a "lightning in a bottle" moment, using this particular shade of blue with this prosthetic, with a red dress and using this particular model, even down to the choice in the dark blue lines in the makeup, seemed to have worked absolutely perfectly in my eyes.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Golden Hoana Demon.

With how expensive this cowl is to produce I like to make sure I'm using it for a shoot I know is going to turn out good. I'd had the idea for a golden Demon for some time, I just never got around to it until now.

I wasn't sure it was actually going to work once I started pre-painting the cowl. I used the gold body paint on skin before - worked great, but once I start on the foam latex it looked totally watery and thin with nearly no color. Once it dried though it looked awesome - I know body paint does alter it's colour a little from wet to dry, but this was night and day different.

And then once I started in on the pictures, the gold look totally washed out and almost an weird off beige, luckily a little tweak in post and the gold popped right out.

The cowl worked really well with this shoot as it almost has a bit of a crown-like feel to it. I didn't want to mess it up with any other colours either, it's just straight gold body paint.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Demon Headshots, Zettaf Demon.

I think this is the last one of these I have planned for this year, we're moving into slightly nicer weather so I'm not exclusively stuck on doing indoor only shoots and I do have another round of interior shoots lined up that'll take me up until the summer most likely.

This is the second time I did a black demon, no extra colouring or shading, nothing, just black body paint and I really like the way it looks with these kind of shoots. This piece in particular I think really works with this idea, there's lots of details and shapes that stand out in dramatic lighting really well.

There's also just something about the pure black combined with this piece (and probably the lighting is helping ) that really makes this character stand out a bit from others I've done, it really comes off (at least to me) as something I'd expect to see in a movie.