Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Universal Monster Queens

I had this idea a few years ago, but it was too last minute to pull it all together. The thought came back to me this year, but to simplify it to a much more manageable level. Rather then juggling schedules of several models, I went with just one and a blue screen. I really only had to create a couple new prosthetics, the costumes were pretty simple - so it was a much more doable thing this year.

The idea wasn't to just genderswap the original characters, but to come up with a whole new plot/idea for the characters and still keep the shoots relatively easy to do - since I was already insanely busy this month.

DRACULA. Plot: "A wealthy Transylvanian family is attacked and brutally murdered, the only survivor is their eldest daughter who seeks out an ancient evil to exact revenge on her family's murderers.

This comes at a price and soon takes it toll on her, warping her into an immortal monster with a thirst for blood."

This one was pretty simple, I already had the fangs made and a vampire brow, so it was just a matter of finding a dress - which we did with this and a couple other shoots in one shopping session. 

FRANKENSTEIN. Plot:"After his wife dies in an accident, Dr. Victor Frankenstein embarks on a journey through the darker side of the medical world to find a way to bring her back to life.

He begins to realize that his newly resurrected wife isn't exactly the same person she once was, slowly manifesting bizarre abilities and the power to control the dead."

For this shoot I had to make the brain/skullcap piece, something I've never really made before. It was a little tricky at first thinking the best way to approach it and have it blend in. In the end, simple worked best, it's really just a cap, runs along the brow and above the ears, the edges were all covered with fake hair and the brain was given a coating of blood slime.

There was a Y scar on her chest, but it doesn't really show up in the wide shot. You can sort of see it under the letters in the head shot. Pretty happy with how it worked, it's a difficult and often goofy looking kind of makeup, bit in this case I wasn't overly concerned if it came off a little campy.

THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. Plot:"A young woman backpacking through Europe is kidnapped and sold by Human Traffickers for bizarre medical experiments. For months she endures seemingly endless torture at the hands of a demented doctor to finally wake up one day realizing she is totally invisible.

She uses this to her advantage as she one by one terrorizes and kills her captors."

This one was a bit of a joke. I had the intention of releasing one shot a week for the month of October this year (2017) and the last week was only a couple days, so rather than do a full blown makeup job, I just spent an hour or so doing a little photo shopping instead.

THE MUMMY: Plot:"Queen Kamilah is overthrown by her people and sacrificed as an offering to the gods. Once in the underworld, Kamilah makes a deal with Osiris and Set, the gods of the underworld and chaos. for the souls of all her followers.

Set returns Kamilah to life as an undying monster to slaughter the followers that betrayed her.

Very simple, but it was pretty effective looking. Just a simple half-face normal/mummified face, some gauze to wrap her up and I figured she could use a weapon since I already have a scimitar.

THE WOLFGIRL. Plot:"A Cryptologist travels to Romania to uncover rumours of wild animal attacks and finds herself caught in the middle of a war between two rival gypsy families.

She soon tracks down the beast responsible for the attacks and barely survives the ordeal, only to wake up and discover she herself has become the beast.

On the next full moon she finds herself amid a massive war of werewolves as the gypsies all turn and she fights not only survive the night, but keep alive the one person she discovers is the key to stopping the curse."

 Pretty simple, just used prosthetics I already make, got some monster claws (those were a bugger to apply, but once on they were on there good), and a little fake hair.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cesky Demon

This shoot went through a couple variations before I finally got around to actually sculpting the prosthetics and settling on a design for the overall look.

I had thought about more of a dreadlock look to the hair, but just didn't have the time or energy to attempt that, so while the braids were much more simple, they also made it easier to attach it all.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Arrosa'Ubel Amanzi Demon.

My last planned shoot for August, although that could change I suppose. I need to take a quick break to catch up on other work. I've been doing a bit of experimenting with makeup, application techniques, cutting corners to speed the process up, types of makeup, etc.

The main reason behind going with fuchsia as the main colour for this makeup was because I happened to have tights the same colour as some body paint that I had and I wanted to test an idea I've been rolling round that I could fake a full body makeup by using a top with long sleeves (leaving only the hands, neck and sometimes face, to be painted and either shorts or a skirt with the tights. You get a big splash of colour, for very little work.

Overall I think the fake full body paint idea worked pretty well - some shots the idea reads a little better than others.