Friday, July 21, 2017

Lenaka Demon

I haven't done a shoot with a full cowl piece like this in a couple years I think. I've made a couple, but they were really simple, more like bald caps I could stick other pieces on, this one really isn't as versatile as those and done to intentionally create a bit more of a character makeup.

I made it originally for a roadtrip photo shoot I had intended to do but ultimately got cancelled - something which equally disappointed and relieved me. It would have been awesome, but so much work and I just wouldn't have had the time for it.

As if it's not painfully obvious, it was made to look like a cross between Maleficent and a Klingon, and if you look closely at the markings on her face, they're somewhat close to those on Boone from the movie Nightbreed.

The horns are actually hollow, just a latex skin glued into identically shaped sockets on the prosthetic. So I was able to paint it all up, paint the horns and just glue them into the sockets, when it came time for application I just slipped the whole piece onto Julie's head and blended it in. Actually only took about half an hour - would have been less but she was more tanned than the skin tone I used for the prosthetic.

We lost the light, having started so late so I was glad a brought along an off-camera flash. And when it got too dark to even see to focus we moved down the beach to a spot where I could light her with the headlights from my truck. Not perfect, but it did work reasonably well.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Quexital Demon

Another pretty quick and simple makeup. The prosthetic gave me a bit of trouble with this shoot, it was a reject and a little stiffer than I'd thought, it kept pulling up in places and in some shots looked pretty bad - so I had some serious photo shopping to do.

This is probably the last of these simple shoots I've been doing lately, I've only been doing them as I'm working with a new model and we're just seeing how she is in front of the camera and all that stuff. I've got some more elaborate looking makeups planned soon - although, these shoots are always fun to do, not as much pressure to have something turn out amazing, it's just about slapping on prosthetics and paint and seeing what happens.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Skaarl Demon

I've been doing these fairly simple, kind of impromptu makeups lately.

This time I went with an older Limited Run piece I no longer sell because the core mould cracked in a couple places, it still works okay though. A new pair of ears, I think this is my first time using them for a shoot, I can't recall, the FellBeast Ears. I even had a wig I'd ordered for another shoot that sort of just went along the wayside.

Originally I intended to just keep in an indoor shoot against a wall, but it was a decent day, so we went outside.