Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Year in Search Engine Terms

It's so amusing to check and see what search engine terms are used by people that find their way to my site, whether the online shop or the blog. Some are a little creepy, I noticed a large amount of the females I've worked with has all been searched for - chances are it's just a similar name, but when "charlottetown" or "pei" are added to it, it's a safe bet who they're looking for. So beware ladies, because as if you didn't already know, there are some creepy folks out there on the internet looking for you. They may not all be creepy, but you really don't want to take that sort of chance.

So, some of the terms, we'll start with the top 10:

1 - how to make a fake axe (and actually dozens of variations on this)
2 - severed finger (a few variations, "how to make" "thumb" or "toe" even)
3 - zombie photoshoot ( a couple variations on this)
4 - fox Henderson (makes sense)
5 - bimbo zombie killers 2 (also the first one and others with minor variations)
6 - demon ears (makes sense - a lot of other variations, even just "ear prosthetics" in general)
7 - demon horns (quite a few variations, type and size of horns)
8 - bimbo zombie killers (the 2nd most popular variation)
9 - monkey rodeo project (makes sense)
10 - vampire nose (and a few variations as well)

These all seem pretty reasonable. A lot of movie title searches, mostly my own movies. A lot of various types of prosthetics - demon, monkey, vampire, goblins, etc. All very reasonable and understandable, yet there's a few that just seem a little off. Some I get why someone might search for them, and why they'd land on a site of mine and some are just fucking weird. Here's some of the odder ones:

fake ad for hatchets - why a "fake ad" for hatchets? Real ads aren't good enough?

hookers casting - I guess someone needs some hookers in their movie and doesn't feel up to asking random women they know?

silicone male ass - I have no idea what the hell is this all about, nor do I want to.

demon wife  - Maybe something to do with a movie, or just curious what the benefits might be?

latex hooker - Are they looking for a hooker made of latex or one that specifically wears latex?

who the actor for thork - besides the poor grammar here, I've no idea what this is about. I used the term and it just came up with "Thor" stuff.

troll feet -  I was right in assuming at least one other person out there would be interested in Troll Feet. I'll be putting them online for sale this year. I hope he comes back.

most powerful hallucinogen - ???

zombie hookers demon pei - Just looking for all the best stuff at once I guess.

horned girls - Makes sense, but something tells me it was a spelling error.

auricular prosthesis product catalog - I think I might've either brightened or ruined some poor fellow's day who was actually needing something important.

zombie killers online monkey -Either there's something else out there this fucked up sounding, or someone who's only heard partial words of things I've done, and was just hedging their bet and trying them all.

really odd family pics - I like this one.

shoot boxing online shop - I don't get this at all.

casting fake guy - At first all I could think was, "So casting a real guy isn't good enough?" But then I guess it's something looking to make a fake body? I don't know otherwise, maybe looking to cast a shitty actor?

movies with x ratings - Hell yeah! I ruined some horny bastards day I hope.

the caller malcolm mcdowell ending explanation - This might seem utterly random, but I did mention this movie once and if someone seriously wanted an explanation for the ending, they really didn't get the movie. I highly recommend it for it's total lack of logic in the end.

bert palmerro prosthetics - This just seems funny, I guess somehow someone saw this video and didn't realize it was connected to an online shop. Nice to know they liked the piece enough, never got an order for it though. Asshole.

a movie called zumbie bimbos - Makes sense they found my stuff, but did they really believe there was a movie was called "Zumbie Bimbos"???

vampire photoshoot lighting - Because vampires are SO hard to light with all that pale skin...???

pretty male fingers - Uh...yeah.

fox henderson hookers - I think my favourite one this year.

el. rodeo. de. gregorrio. Chabes - Sure. I don't think they were actually searching for "Gregorio Chavez", but it's pretty odd there's even the term "rodeo" in there. I did a search and nothing immediately popped out that would explain it.

awesome paint job go kart - How the hell did this term land someone on something I did?

ass silicone mold - Again with the silicone asses. What the hell people? The worse part is, this chap wanted a mold - for what? To make an unlimited supply of silicone asses?

fast food character giving the finger - I don't really get it. Did someone want to see this that badly?

ear suck - This actually creeps me out as much as the silicone asses people.

And now for the most elaborate and yet still random seeming search term of all:

big screen-tula's father used one particular cleaning solution for everything as a cure all, even soaking his elbow - I searched it and nothing immediately came up, why am I not surprised. And relieved. 

So there you go. Some of the more entertaining search terms/phrases of this year. I am surprised at the sheer number of people wanting fake faxes and severed fingers/thumbs.toes there are out there. Next year can only get weirder once I start introducing some new items to the shop.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holy crap...

Just realized it's been nearly 2 months since I've gone near this, guess I might as well start again. Now...where to start?

Trade Show. I'm doing a trade show in April, hopefully if I can afford the trip to Hamilton, Ont. The show itself isn't very expensive at all, it's getting there that'll be a bugger. In the meantime I'm hoping to crank out a whole pile of new products before then. Some new random foam props, resin one, demon things in jars, weapons, new prosthetics, masks and maybe other stuff. I've been so lazy in developing new products, I'm kind of using the trade show as a deadline to get this all done.

Photo shoots. I got an extension to the "Demons" project, now titled "The Secret Lives of Demons", so I will be attempting about 20 photo shoots between now and mid-March. Might be doable, don't know yet. After that I will be moving on to Volume 2 of the project and stepping up the makeup a bit - that's the plan at least.

2013 Demon Pinup Calendar. It's a while off, but it's something else in the works. Planning on doing a calendar filled with old classic pinup style looking pictures, but with demons - of course that probably goes without saying.

DVDs. Hoping to actually start selling them on the website soon.

T-shirts. Soon might be a possibility.

Bimbo Zombie Killers! the Web Series. Still haven't had time to have a meeting to create the overall plot, even though it's roughed out. A couple months behind schedule, but that's nothing new. Should still happen this year.

Year of the Dead. A new project I start this past week. It'll be a sort of supernatural detective story about detectives on the trailer of a slightly mental necromancer using the souls of the undead to appease an ancient evil Demon God in order to become one himself. Don't think it'll be a feature, but you never know at this point, just working out some background details on the characters at this point.

That's more or less it I think. I've had some recent production problems with the business and I'm taking some steps to slightly simplify things and make that run more smoothly. A pile of new pieces should be going online soon as well.

That's it for now I think.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Man-Eating Hooker Masks up for sale.

I'm putting these bad girls online for sale today. Starting manufacturing them this afternoon. They're made of a durable latex, typical of most Halloween type masks, rather flexible as well - although not as much as foam latex. It comes already painted up as you see it here with resin spikes and teeth.

Can be made blank with spikes and teeth not attached if desired, just let me know. The spikes and teeth are easily adhered to the mask with crazy glue, that should keep them on permanently. They come with an elastic strap sewn in to slip them on and off. To sort of blend them in, just some black makeup around your eyes and mouth should do it.

They sell for $26, so iffen you feel the need to devour men's souls, or anyone's really, you might want to snag one of these. Allow for about 3-4 days for manufacturing, these things require time to look this nasty.
If and when we get to do a full feature of "Man-Eating Hooker from Hell" the Demon Hookers most likely won't look like this, this was a simple, cheap design for the trailer only. Should we raise the money, they will look way more hideous and demonic, so these masks are only going to be seen in the fake trailer for now.

"Man-Eating Hookers from Hell" trailer is finally online.

After all this waiting, it's finally online! The only place the trailer is viewable is on the actual site:

I've also started up an Online Funding Campaign to turn this crap into a feature. The campaign will run for the next year, or until we reach our goal. Although in order for us to reach that goal, this site needs to get out there as much as possible - so feel free to repost the link EVERYWHERE!

I will be making another version of the video to upload to other sites, including the URL to this site to hopefully draw in more traffic. $10,000 is a pretty reasonable amount, I can do A LOT with $10,000 - it's pretty easy when you come from the Roger Corman mentality of film making.

So enjoy the trailer, it's probably not safe for work, depending where you work.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New site goes online tomorrow

So I mentioned awhile back I was asked to make a fake trailer and I did so, under the guidelines of making it the most trashy depraved thing I could. Well it's not really the most depraved thing I could think of - I decided to hold back a little since I then had the idea of turning this crap into a feature. So it's not as over the top as I'd pictured, but still pretty good.

The website I'm referring to of course is the site for the fake trailer and the Online Funding Campaign that will take place over the course of the next year. We're hoping to raise enough money to actually turn that trailer into a full blown (no pun intended) feature film, and make it look way worse. And by worse I mean, the FX will be better and more over the top (the whole reason for needing money in the first place really), the Demon Hooker will be redesigned, making these masks a bit of a nostalgic kind of thing. The "deaths" you see in the trailer are PG compared to some of the stuff I'd like to do.

The trailer and the website goes live tomorrow at 5pm. The Online Funding Campaign starts as well and will end either when we reach our goal or 5pm next Halloween.

Donations will be handled pretty simply, no money changes hands until the goal is reached. So for now there will be an email set up for pledges. So if you think you'd like to donate something, send an email to that address (there'll be a link provided obviously) and the amount you'd like to pledge and whatever email address you use for PayPal. Once we reach the goal in pledges, everyone will receive an invoice through PayPal and hopefully you'll remember and honour the pledge.

And you will be getting something for your money, all sorts of cool stuff lined up depending on the amount you donate. There's be more details once things are online tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Rath, The Electric Demon

Did another photoshoot this past weekend, hoping to ramp up the number I'm doing since the "Demons" project is ending this January - however, then I'll be starting the 2nd version of it. So not really the end, just the end of this round.

Here's some pictures of Cold Rath, The Electric Demon - very much inspired by the video game Infamous 2, but first a video

Friday, October 21, 2011

ShaashMash Demon Ears Prosthetic
ShasshMash Demon Ears Prosthetic
ShaashMash Demons were known mainly for their fighting abilities and excellent hearing.
Price $22

Volrath Demon Prosthetic
Volrath Demon Prosthetic
Large and brutish creatures, the Volrath always enjoy a good fight.
Price $55

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"The Barbarians" photo shoot

Got another photo shoot done today, as well as using some new pieces for the time. This one had probably the most elaborate costumes so far, although I'd have at least one future one planned that will be pretty cool.

The new pieces will be online this week, just in time for last minute Halloween costumes. The full face worn by John here is a Volrath Demon.

 The ears here, worn by Emily-Rose, Shassmash Demon Ears ,are brand new. In fact these ones just came out of the oven about 20 minutes before she arrived for makeup. The resin spikes with foam latex sockets are new as well, not sure if I'll be selling these or not.

And now onto some pictures:
And finally, a behind the scenes video:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Still busy...

I've made about 400+ prosthetics in the last 3 1/2 weeks for wholesale orders. Seemed like it was way more then that though. Got a few new pieces on the way, as well as about 5 or so more photoshoots I've been trying to get to amidst the wholesale orders.

As far as the fake trailer is concerned, only got a few shots left on that. Did a quick shoot last week that involved heading down to the park to splash some blood around. Seems like an average Saturday morning for me these days.

Hoping to get some new props on the go in the next few weeks. This time of year has been pretty busy, busier then I expected. Still got more to do as well, some consignment stuff and some retail stuff as well.

And here's a short doc a friend of mine did on me:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holy crap I'm busy

Yes, I am busy these days. That's not a complaint, far from it. With the fake movie trailer project I'm working on and the pile of photo shoots I've planned to finally the massive orders coming in for prosthetics, I'm a little swamped these days.

The trailer is coming along, we have 2 more days scheduled, the next is pretty shot and the 2nd is going to be another huge day of blood and gore and demons in lingerie - and yes, I am aware how awesome it is that this is now pretty much my job.

The photo shoots are coming along well, I have 3 (?) lined up, maybe more, I can't even remember specifics anymore sometimes. A couple are going to be pretty awesome, some a little more understated but definitely cool.

And in shop news, I am busy, the business is doing really well. I'm almost surprised in a way - but I guess I shouldn't be since I was hoping I'd be this busy. It's been a great learning experience and I've definitely sussed out some weaknesses in my production methods and whatnot. Ones that are easily corrected for next year so I'm not rushing to fill orders as soon as they come in.

My next big plans are for an industry trade show in May in Toronto, not my favourite city but it should be a decent experience. And the Bimbo Zombie Killers! web series which starts shooting in July with a hopefully release date of Halloween Day 2012.

That's it for now, I have to go make more little resin spikes and start working on a master mould, then make more prosthetics and probably other stuff I've already forgotten about.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Father Ammon, the Villius Demon Priest.

Did another photo shoot today, got a whole pile more lined up too. This one was worked on awhile ago, had to be postponed because the prosthetic just didn't work. I had to kind of rethink it - why? The piece involved two 8" resin horns. Luckily very lightweight, 39 grams each, but still too heavy for the original prosthetic that was to hold them in place.

So in the end I opted out for a couple very small almost cuplike pieces that had a larger surface to grip both the skin and the resin horn. Worked out pretty damned well, the horns were a little floppy almost, but for stills it was more then fine. And they were on there good, we tested them after the shoot to see just how well they were attached - the prosthetic tore off the model's forehead (Will Beckett) before the horns pulled out of their foam latex sockets.

It was a success I guess. Anyway, here's some images. We'd hope it might generate a little interest from some churchgoing types, but everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Aside from the stinkeye we got from one girl leaving church as we were arriving. I think she just looked that way naturally though.

Pretty damned happy with the results. This was one of those shoots where the piece - as subtle and easy to apply as it was, really stands out dramatically. Almost every picture was perfect, that doesn't happen to often.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More new prosthetics online

Just added a few new pieces to the website, and as usual orders have to be emailed in since it's the best method I've been able to work out. Payments made in Canada through PayPal or Email Interact (that's a lot better then PayPal) and everywhere else, PayPal.

Kandros Demon Prosthetic

Kandros Demon Prosthetic
(includes 6 resin spikes,
ears not included)

And ancient race of Greek demons. Rarely seen nowadays, but occasionally they descend to this plane for fast food.

Price $55

Child of Minos Prosthetic

Child of Minos
(ears not included)

Believed to be descended from the original Minotaur, The Children of Minos enjoy a leisurely existence these days, mainly because most people are scared of them.

Price $40

Horned Forehead Prosthetic

Horned Forehead Prosthetic
(Ears and small horns not included)

You can't disguise yourself as a demon without horns.

Price $30

Sylf Demon Prosthetic

Sylf Demon Prosthetic
(ears not included)

One of many ancient races of demons. Sylf's are extremely peaceful, but very passionate demons, and are often muses to great artists.

Price $30

Magnus Demon Prosthetic

Magnus Demon Prosthetic
(Includes 6 resin spikes,
Magnus Ears sold separately)

Brilliant tacticians and problem solvers, Magnus Demons usually take up professions where they can use their deductive skills.

Price $55

Friday, August 26, 2011

Behind the scenes, Secret Agent Demon

Had another awesome photo shoot this last week. My friend Dave was over from Halifax and I whipped up this shoot. You might recall Gregorio Chavez? That was Dave.

Again, I ended up with a pile of images totally unrelated to the final picture for the book, so again I will post more. And for those of you Islanders who might be wondering "Hey, that kinda looks like fun." You're damned right it is. If you're interested in doing a shoot, you can contact me here - just be aware there are some restrictions and limitations. The biggest one, no kids.

And now some pictures!

Man-Eating Hookers from Hell fake trailer casting call

I am producing a 60-90 second fake movie trailer, for a fake movie called "Man-Eating Hookers from Hell". The idea is a mash up of several bad 70s horror/splatter/exploitation type movies. If the movie were indeed real, I have to admit, it'd probably get an "X" rating. The trailer, most definitely an "R".

It's being created for a Scottish production company, Scottish Badlands, to attach to their upcoming zombie web series, The Dying Seconds - kind of like all those fake trailers in "Grindhouse". It's an opportunity for some great exposure and should be a lot of fun. There's no script, no lines to memorize in advance, nothing like that. We're creating ideas for shots that could be in this movie and hoping it all fits together. No major commitment is needed. We're shooting throughout September and October this year for a November 11th deadline.

So what I'm looking for are actors, actors who don't mind looking utterly foolish and getting extremely bloody and gory. This is strictly volunteer and open only to residents of Prince Edward Island, as well.

PLOT: A young woman is victim of a violent attack by 5 things who leave her for dead in the middle of nowhere.She is found and taken in by a strange group of prostitutes who convince her to take revenge on her assailants by inviting them to their brothel - where the prostitutes then turn into demons intent on eating them and stealing their souls for their demon overlord. All the while they plan on recruiting our lead into their demonic, man-eating, soul sucking lifestyle - which she doesn't take to very readily and fights back against the Man-Eating Hooker from Hell!

ROLES TO BE CAST: (there are no specific character names) 

Female Hero Lead: Our lead should be the average "girl next door" looking kind of girl. Mid-twenties, give or take. Athletic, there might be lots of running and fighting. Might involve a few costume changes, nothing as drastic as the prostitute characters.

Man-Eating Hookers: There will be 5-6, possibly more. They start out looking normal, and turn into demons. This role will involve one or two costume changes, from looking like an average movie prostitute to being put into prosthetic makeup (you'd be unrecognizable) and dressed somewhat more provocatively, in lingerie or something suitably more sexy - in order to make it a little more disturbing, since they will not look pretty as demons.

Thugs: 5 men, ranging in age, mid-20s to 30s. They'll be scuzzy, unlikable, violent types.

Possibly extras: this won't be confirmed until the shots are laid out.

Demon Overlord: Will be female, unrecognizable in makeup. Should be disturbing looking in many way, more so then the demon prostitutes. May or may not have much screen time in the trailer - still to be determined at this point. More information will be available soon. 

If you're at all interested (note, there are no off camera roles or crew needed) please contact us at and send a picture, and even a resume if you've any previous acting experience - although none is necessary. Please also make sure to properly identify your email as Fake Movie Trailer project and indicate what role you're interested in.

Because of my own personal schedule and time constraints, I'm looking to do this as effeciently as possible and that means if you're interested, please use the email above - expressing interest in any other fashion will simply get overlooked. And trust me, you don't want to get left out of this.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Demon Gods

This was a bit of a silly, campy kind of photo shoot. I decided we needed some Demon Gods, and not just any kind of Demon Gods, but Greek(ish) Demon Gods. I normally don't post photos anymore, simply because I want the final product to have some newness to it when it's finally done. However in this case, the final image is miles away from the other photos I took so I felt it was worth it just this once.

So here's a video of the shoot, with an explanation of why it's a little more about the makeup then it is about the actual shoot.

And now for some pictures:
John MacDonald as Demon Hercules
Becca Pike as Demon Aphrodite
Heather Panton as Demon Athena
Even Demon Gods like ice cream.
I can't explain this.
And then we went through the drive-thru. That was amusing, the girl at the window was a little overexcited about it all, which was kinda cool in it's own way.

So that's it. It was a fun shoot, the video and the pictures don't even come close to giving you a clue about the final image, so be warned and don't anger the Demon Gods. Tomorrow got another shoot lined up, should be just as awesome.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some new stuff in the online shop.

Melicor Demon Prosthetic
Melicor Demon Prosthetic
Melicor Demons are musically inclined creatures with particularly lovely singing voices.

Price $50

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Pointed Demon Ears Prosthetic

Demon ears come in all shapes and sizes, these particular ones are of the pointed variety.

Price $20

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Ragged Demon Ears Prosthetic

Some broken down, raggedy looking demon ears.

Price $20

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Magnus Demon Ears Prosthetic

Spikey demon ears! Comes with 6 resin spikes. Available in dark and light spikes.

Price $26

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Double Pointed Demon Ears Prosthetic

Two points are better then one.

Price $26

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Medium Demon Horns

Some of your typical pointed demon horns.

Price $10

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Medium Demon Horns (TypeB)

Somewhat dramatic horns.

Price $10

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Small Demon Horns

Some funky small horns.

Price $6

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic
Small Demon Horns

Sharp and pointy little horns.

Price $6

Foam Head Hammers
Foam Head Hammers!

Need to crack some skulls? But don't want all that messy brain and bone matter everwhere? Try a Foam Head Hammer. The Hammer Head is made of soft foam, the handle is real wood. Soon total foam hammers will be available.

Price $40 per hammer