Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holy crap...

Just realized it's been nearly 2 months since I've gone near this, guess I might as well start again. Now...where to start?

Trade Show. I'm doing a trade show in April, hopefully if I can afford the trip to Hamilton, Ont. The show itself isn't very expensive at all, it's getting there that'll be a bugger. In the meantime I'm hoping to crank out a whole pile of new products before then. Some new random foam props, resin one, demon things in jars, weapons, new prosthetics, masks and maybe other stuff. I've been so lazy in developing new products, I'm kind of using the trade show as a deadline to get this all done.

Photo shoots. I got an extension to the "Demons" project, now titled "The Secret Lives of Demons", so I will be attempting about 20 photo shoots between now and mid-March. Might be doable, don't know yet. After that I will be moving on to Volume 2 of the project and stepping up the makeup a bit - that's the plan at least.

2013 Demon Pinup Calendar. It's a while off, but it's something else in the works. Planning on doing a calendar filled with old classic pinup style looking pictures, but with demons - of course that probably goes without saying.

DVDs. Hoping to actually start selling them on the website soon.

T-shirts. Soon might be a possibility.

Bimbo Zombie Killers! the Web Series. Still haven't had time to have a meeting to create the overall plot, even though it's roughed out. A couple months behind schedule, but that's nothing new. Should still happen this year.

Year of the Dead. A new project I start this past week. It'll be a sort of supernatural detective story about detectives on the trailer of a slightly mental necromancer using the souls of the undead to appease an ancient evil Demon God in order to become one himself. Don't think it'll be a feature, but you never know at this point, just working out some background details on the characters at this point.

That's more or less it I think. I've had some recent production problems with the business and I'm taking some steps to slightly simplify things and make that run more smoothly. A pile of new pieces should be going online soon as well.

That's it for now I think.


  1. Well, It's about time, lol! Seriously though, consider Porter Airlines as an alternative to Air Canada for travel. They fly out of TO Municipal Airport on TO Island, and have better fares. Then it's very inexpensive from TO down to Hamilton.

  2. Flying would be even more expensive since I am taking three people with me and shitload of merchandise, which I would never trust any airline with, nor would I be allowed to take some on it anyway.

  3. well, I think Amanda would be interested if you want to shoot her again for any projects. she had a blast.