Sunday, April 09, 2017

Quhmax Demon, Demons Headshots

I wanted to to try something a little weirder looking for this shoot, I think I was mostly successful. I also figured I'd do a white Demon this time, in the past I always haven't been all that happy with how the white makeup turned out - I thought I'd figured out and I was pretty much wrong. I'm assuming, at this point, there's something about the pigments in typical white makeup that makes it a little chalky and flaky. I debated about using some clown makeup I had and I kind of wish I went that way instead of body paint and airbrush makeup.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Oranassi Demon, Demon Headhsots.

The latest in the Demon Headshots series. It took a little longer to get the colour right on this one than I'd planned, it look several layers, a little Pax paint and a touch of airbrushing I managed to get it pretty damned seamless looking. As usual, because I'm a lazy makeup artist, I did have to touch up some very minor spots in post though.