Friday, September 09, 2011

Father Ammon, the Villius Demon Priest.

Did another photo shoot today, got a whole pile more lined up too. This one was worked on awhile ago, had to be postponed because the prosthetic just didn't work. I had to kind of rethink it - why? The piece involved two 8" resin horns. Luckily very lightweight, 39 grams each, but still too heavy for the original prosthetic that was to hold them in place.

So in the end I opted out for a couple very small almost cuplike pieces that had a larger surface to grip both the skin and the resin horn. Worked out pretty damned well, the horns were a little floppy almost, but for stills it was more then fine. And they were on there good, we tested them after the shoot to see just how well they were attached - the prosthetic tore off the model's forehead (Will Beckett) before the horns pulled out of their foam latex sockets.

It was a success I guess. Anyway, here's some images. We'd hope it might generate a little interest from some churchgoing types, but everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Aside from the stinkeye we got from one girl leaving church as we were arriving. I think she just looked that way naturally though.

Pretty damned happy with the results. This was one of those shoots where the piece - as subtle and easy to apply as it was, really stands out dramatically. Almost every picture was perfect, that doesn't happen to often.


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    This is one of my fav shoots so far..... adore those horns & he sports that special shirt with aplomb. Mucho Kudos.
    Kim B

  2. My professor, Jim, is right: I *DO* look better with the horns.