Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Demon Gods

This was a bit of a silly, campy kind of photo shoot. I decided we needed some Demon Gods, and not just any kind of Demon Gods, but Greek(ish) Demon Gods. I normally don't post photos anymore, simply because I want the final product to have some newness to it when it's finally done. However in this case, the final image is miles away from the other photos I took so I felt it was worth it just this once.

So here's a video of the shoot, with an explanation of why it's a little more about the makeup then it is about the actual shoot.

And now for some pictures:
John MacDonald as Demon Hercules
Becca Pike as Demon Aphrodite
Heather Panton as Demon Athena
Even Demon Gods like ice cream.
I can't explain this.
And then we went through the drive-thru. That was amusing, the girl at the window was a little overexcited about it all, which was kinda cool in it's own way.

So that's it. It was a fun shoot, the video and the pictures don't even come close to giving you a clue about the final image, so be warned and don't anger the Demon Gods. Tomorrow got another shoot lined up, should be just as awesome.

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