Thursday, August 04, 2011

BZK2! Behind the Scenes Stuff, Part 4

Got the first round of redubbing or relooping, whatever you choose to call it done today. Went pretty quickly despite the fact my setup here was working against me for awhile - got that mostly sorted out though.

I thought I'd do a quick post about one of the more experimental parts of the movie, so if you're not into spoilers - you might want to skip reading the rest of this and definitely DO NOT watch the video.

There's a scene where Pervis (Tim Gormley) gets his hand eaten off at the wrist by Tula (EmilyAnne Fullerton) and of course I wanted to show it - with some editing. And the main gag would be Pervis waving around his bloody arm stump squirting blood everywhere.

So my challenge here was to figure a way to easily create that. I chose to do a silicone prop. I sculpted an arm stump, made a two sided mould of it, then I figured I could do a couple thin coat of silicone before jamming in the padding and and the plastic rod (where the blood tube would run through). The padding was added to lessen the amount of silicone needed, as well I used some old cured silicone chopped up into pellets to further the little amount I had on hand (no pun intended).

The original sculpture.
Making the two sided mould.

This was pretty experimental for me, in all logic it should have worked, but I had no way of ever really knowing for sure until I pulled it from the mould. And luckily it worked out perfectly. After a little paint job it was ready for testing.

Here's a quick video of the blood squirting arm stump:

The stump was then inserted into Tim's sleeve, where is real arm came out through a hole in the elbow. Worked decently well and was a suitably cheesy effect. My goal was to make an effect that felt like it was from an old 70s or 80s movie, and I think it turned out pretty damned well.

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