Friday, August 26, 2011

Man-Eating Hookers from Hell fake trailer casting call

I am producing a 60-90 second fake movie trailer, for a fake movie called "Man-Eating Hookers from Hell". The idea is a mash up of several bad 70s horror/splatter/exploitation type movies. If the movie were indeed real, I have to admit, it'd probably get an "X" rating. The trailer, most definitely an "R".

It's being created for a Scottish production company, Scottish Badlands, to attach to their upcoming zombie web series, The Dying Seconds - kind of like all those fake trailers in "Grindhouse". It's an opportunity for some great exposure and should be a lot of fun. There's no script, no lines to memorize in advance, nothing like that. We're creating ideas for shots that could be in this movie and hoping it all fits together. No major commitment is needed. We're shooting throughout September and October this year for a November 11th deadline.

So what I'm looking for are actors, actors who don't mind looking utterly foolish and getting extremely bloody and gory. This is strictly volunteer and open only to residents of Prince Edward Island, as well.

PLOT: A young woman is victim of a violent attack by 5 things who leave her for dead in the middle of nowhere.She is found and taken in by a strange group of prostitutes who convince her to take revenge on her assailants by inviting them to their brothel - where the prostitutes then turn into demons intent on eating them and stealing their souls for their demon overlord. All the while they plan on recruiting our lead into their demonic, man-eating, soul sucking lifestyle - which she doesn't take to very readily and fights back against the Man-Eating Hooker from Hell!

ROLES TO BE CAST: (there are no specific character names) 

Female Hero Lead: Our lead should be the average "girl next door" looking kind of girl. Mid-twenties, give or take. Athletic, there might be lots of running and fighting. Might involve a few costume changes, nothing as drastic as the prostitute characters.

Man-Eating Hookers: There will be 5-6, possibly more. They start out looking normal, and turn into demons. This role will involve one or two costume changes, from looking like an average movie prostitute to being put into prosthetic makeup (you'd be unrecognizable) and dressed somewhat more provocatively, in lingerie or something suitably more sexy - in order to make it a little more disturbing, since they will not look pretty as demons.

Thugs: 5 men, ranging in age, mid-20s to 30s. They'll be scuzzy, unlikable, violent types.

Possibly extras: this won't be confirmed until the shots are laid out.

Demon Overlord: Will be female, unrecognizable in makeup. Should be disturbing looking in many way, more so then the demon prostitutes. May or may not have much screen time in the trailer - still to be determined at this point. More information will be available soon. 

If you're at all interested (note, there are no off camera roles or crew needed) please contact us at and send a picture, and even a resume if you've any previous acting experience - although none is necessary. Please also make sure to properly identify your email as Fake Movie Trailer project and indicate what role you're interested in.

Because of my own personal schedule and time constraints, I'm looking to do this as effeciently as possible and that means if you're interested, please use the email above - expressing interest in any other fashion will simply get overlooked. And trust me, you don't want to get left out of this.

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