Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BZK2! Behind the Scenes Stuff, Part2

One thing that sets this apart from my other projects is that this is the first time I had other folks doing the makeup - totally untrained, maybe they observed it a few times or something before at best. Overall I think they did a decent job - especially when you consider, they really had no idea what they were doing, other then a quick run-through a few days before.

While we were waiting around for the last couple zombies to show up I shot this:

I'm in the middle of editing the movie right now, it won't be long, it moves pretty damned fast. I shot it handheld and pretty much made things up as I went since I kinda wanted it to feel a little awkward and amateurish - I think it worked. As well, it does heighten the panic a little bit and made the shoot faster.

In terms of where I am with the editing, rough editing, I'm on about page 12 of a 17 page script and I just hit the 8 minute mark. I reckon it'll be about 12 minutes. The original was around 11.

To be continued...

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