Monday, August 01, 2011

BZK2! Behind the Scenes Stuff, Part1

First off, the shoot went well, really well. For the first time in a long time, we didn't hit any snags, there were not problems or unforeseen crap that hindered shooting - it went really smoothly. That's not to say it wasn't exhausting.

I myself was up at about 5 or 6am that morning - having spent most of the last 2 week prepping everything that I didn't do over the last 2 months - and I believe we got out final shot at around 6:30pm. The weather was a little pissy, 4 different forecasts all said it was going to be a nice sunny-ish day, they were all totally wrong. It rained a little, off and on, until about 11 or so, we didn't start shooting until about 10, since I was hoping it would clear up.

So we were off to a delayed start, but still things moved pretty quickly throughout the day. The zombies all arrived pretty much right when I needed them as well. All the practical effects worked out perfectly and even a little more gory and sillier then I'd hoped. The actors all did a great job, although EmilyAnne definitely stood out with that scream.

The only injury, aside from a couple scrapes was Pete Murphy getting bonked on the head with a hammer - the hammer head was fake, the handle wasn't. I think he survived.

Still converting all the footage right now, should be done in a few hours or so. I'm heading back out to the location this afternoon to do a few quick pick up shots we purposefully didn't bother with yesterday simple for time.

And now, how about a few pictures:

Heather Panton as Rider
Julie Laforest as Honey
EmilyAnne Fullerton as Tula
Draper Bulger as Harlon
Tim Gormley as Pervis

And once more, all three girls.

To be continued...

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  1. Nicely done Fox, looking forward to seeing the finished product!!