Sunday, July 24, 2011

BZK2! Undead by Dawn, first images

We're getting closer to the shooting date of July 31st. We got about 17 pages to shoot in one day, we'll see what happens. BZK2! is going to look a lot different then the first one, totally handheld - kind of like The Bourne Identity, with zombies and cheesy effects.

A lot more props and junk this time around. Most notably that zombies will be in prosthetic makeup this time around, not just doused in gore. I've got enough pieces for 13 zombies if needed, 12 piece were created specifically for this project.

Here's a look at about 6 of the pieces - no full faces, just not necessary for this and it's way easier to fit smaller pieces to a large random cross section of people, taking even facial hair into account.

And a pair of ball pein hammers, because only wimps would anything but a damned hammer to take out the undead. The heads are foam, the handle are real wood. I would've done the handles in foam as well, but it was too expensive for the moment, but I will be doing it later when I put these bad boys online for sale.

These are fresh from their moulds, there will be some serious aging done to them for the shoot.

There's a few more pieces, but I'm keeping things under wraps until the movie is shot and release. That's the plan at least for the moment.

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