Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bimbo Zombie Killers! Dead in the Water

Alright, here's the first official word on this. Next summer on Sunday, July 8th (that's 2012) we will be shooting first the first 2 episodes in the 10 (maybe 12) part web series Bimbo Zombie Killers! Dead in the Water. I'm hoping that's enough notice for everyone. Note that it's not called part 3, simply for the purposes that it's a different format then the first two and watching the other two is not necessary to understand this.

Sure it's a ways off and most will forget, but those of you who have repeatedly asked me to be in a project or showed any interest but backed out last minute for whatever reason - you got no excuse now. So suck it up and get ready to to get bloody.

I'll be working on the script from now and into the fall. Working on locations, special effects and casting over the winter. Come spring I'm hoping everything is ready to go. Should we have an early summer, I might advance the shooting date - but it will mostly be on Sundays throughout the summer for a fall release, with an occasional unscheduled shoot depending on who is available and what's needed.

In order to pull this off I need to make sure that anyone who makes a commitment, (outside of my regular crew, who I know I can count on) is willing to commitment 42,000%. These things are a lot of work and when folks half-ass commit and drop out like it's no big deal, it's really disappointing and throws things out of whack big time.

I appreciate things get in the way, like work or personal emergencies - but if you're not willing to make the time, then don't pretend you are, please, it's not too much to ask. And trust me, if you show up, it'll be awesome. We had a great time making part 2, as rushed as the whole project was. Part 3 is going to be 10 times better.

Throughout the winter I will be posting notices on the Facebook page for casting. Again, yes it's early, but since I need a huge commitment, you've been given more then adequate notice - and I would appreciate the same courtesy should you have to drop out.

In the spring I'll begin to hunt for extras. We'll need zombies for this, lots of zombies. Not all will be needed for every shoot, some may only require a weekend here or there. There will be makeup again this time so I'll be doing a couple makeup crash courses so we're not wasting time when it comes to shooting.

Other then that, if you have any interest in helping out, behind the camera as well - locations, writing, props, whatever, start letting me know now.

Normally when folks work on a project with me, they get a DVD copy when it's all over. I'm hoping to plan something a little better this time around then just a DVD, so there's some extra incentive - but it's not money, so don't even ask.

Story Details: Nothing too concrete just yet, but the story will involve 4, possibly 5, bimbos on a canoeing trip - sort of like Deliverance. They'll encounter some evil rednecks, zombies and god knows what else. And finally, they will actually discover why moonshine turns people into zombies!

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