Monday, October 31, 2011

"Man-Eating Hookers from Hell" trailer is finally online.

After all this waiting, it's finally online! The only place the trailer is viewable is on the actual site:

I've also started up an Online Funding Campaign to turn this crap into a feature. The campaign will run for the next year, or until we reach our goal. Although in order for us to reach that goal, this site needs to get out there as much as possible - so feel free to repost the link EVERYWHERE!

I will be making another version of the video to upload to other sites, including the URL to this site to hopefully draw in more traffic. $10,000 is a pretty reasonable amount, I can do A LOT with $10,000 - it's pretty easy when you come from the Roger Corman mentality of film making.

So enjoy the trailer, it's probably not safe for work, depending where you work.

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