Monday, September 28, 2009

My keyboard is messed up...

I'm missing my "M" key - so you an imagine how hard that last sentence was. It's weird how much missing one key really throws off the rest of your typing, so be warned there could be typos aplenty.

First off, I've managed to get into doing the post work on Malice this last week and it's going really well aside from a new glitch with the newer software. It may not be noticeable, I've yet to watch it on a TV to really know for sure, but any shot that I have to do up an FX shot, it gets a slight soft focus - and that's just coming right out of Premiere before I do anything, it doesn't appear to get worse if I have to rework the shot several times, I guess I'll see, either way I've learned to live with it at this point.

In any case, the FX are going well, there's only a few shots left in the first few scenes - aside from The Titan. The Demon, whose only in 4 shots looks pretty good, I have one shot left with him.

Right now I'm just adjusting the colour of a lot of the FX-less scenes and it's looking a lot nicer then when it was shot, Overall it's coming along pretty well so far.

Still working on the audio for Cronus and Bimbo Zombie Killers!, it'd be nicer if it was going faster, but there's no problems it's just going slow.

And it looks like we'll be putting a massive rush on The 3D Movie to get it done. It could end in disaster since my lead actress will be leaving in about 25 days. That seems to happen a lot lately, I have to be more careful next time.

And there's a few other new things happening, for now we'll just see how this month goes.

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  1. Did you need me to stop by on my days off to do dubbing for Cronus? How goes Malice? Sorry that I've been a ghost the past week. I finished Bionic Commando but I'm going through it again for the trophies.