Thursday, October 01, 2009

UFO sighting

I'm hoping this isn't premature and that I'm going to end up regretting mentioning all this.

Thing have picked back up again on the 3D movie. I've made some major changes to the script, ripped out a lot of the more frivolous material so we can get right to the important stuff, it shouldn't feel like you're missing out either - you won't even notice in the final product, but it makes shooting a lot easier since I only have 22 days starting today to finish. That might seem a little overwhelming, but we really only need 2 good days to shoot this thing.

I should have everything I need to jump right into shooting by beginning of next week. For some reason I just stalled on this, I've no idea what happened exactly but I just ran out of steam when it came to getting this thing done.

The masks are done and look pretty damned cheesy. I didn't want them to look really awesome and high end, I wanted them to look low-budget and amateur - which was pretty easy since this was the first time I ever made something like this and I've never used an airbrush before so the paint job is a little simple and sloppy.

As well, I think I managed to round up the last of the props and costumes I need to get the bulk of shooting done this month.

The only disappointing thing is the UFO. I managed to find just the right thing, it's small enough that I can control it myself while looking through the camera - making it much easier to deal with in that regard. The only drawback is that being so close to the camera, it's out of focus - so I'll have to shoot it separately and composite it, at least the method I'll be using is somewhat close to how they would've done it back in the day and will look suitable cheesy.

And that's it. I'm cleaning up the last draft of the script to be ready as soon as possible, I'm hoping to get the actors ready to do the first day of shooting next week. I guess we'll see how things go soon enough.

Other then that, post production on Malice has been going along pretty well, a few weird technical glitches but other then that it's looking pretty good so far. I actually has to get some new footage the last couple days to fill in some blanks. Nothing involving actors, just establishing shots or backgrounds for CG shots.

One thing that's been interesting is looking back on Malice and trying to figure out what I was thinking when I started it, almost 7 (?) years ago now. I wrote the script with the assumption at the time that I was able to pull off the FX that it needed, and here it is a very long time later and I realize there was no way I could've done them back then.

I'm glad it took so long to shoot, because the movie would've looked like crap with what I was capable of back then, even now I'm struggling to keep up with the FX it needs. One good thing is that it's pushed me into doing stuff I would have never normally done. And luckily most of the shots were planned out well enough that I'm not too restricted.

I've still no idea when it'll be done, but it's moving along slowly at least now, better then not at all.

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