Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3D Movie Trailer now online

If you have 3D Glasses, I highly recommend watching the 3D version of the trailer

For the rest of you, I'm also posting this non-3D version.

So the movie is pretty much shot. The bulk of it is, in any case. There is some 2nd Unit type stuff still needed. Tomorrow I'm getting the last of the Alien Brain Monster horde shots. That should be pretty easy.

Otherwise, there's the opening title sequence I'll probably start working on soon. It's not a "working on the computer" sort of thing, I actually have to shoot it. It's going to be pretty cheesy. As well there's an opening and closing monologue that I want to do, I could do away with it. But I really want to - Plan 9 From Outer Space has it, I think this one needs it too.

So that's it for this one nearly - on the video side of things. I'll be moving on to the audio very soon.

What happens after this one, I'm not sure yet.

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