Monday, October 05, 2009


I hate recasting, simple as that.

I've been having to do it more often lately and not because people are being dicks or anything, but just because of bad timing. If I ran a business and had an employee, who I was paying, and they were a continual screwup - I'd fire them no problem, but in comparison my volunteer actors have done nothing wrong. Just victims of bad timing. It sucks.

I had to do it on Bimbo Zombie Killers! because of work conflicts and a very tight schedule. This time around, nearly the same thing but it was because I hadn't heard back from the actor and I have only a limited number of days left before I would have to recast another part.

I would hope the average person would well understand the situation and not take it personally. The only real thing on the line when the situation goes wrong is time and money, and unfortunately it's my money. It's at this point when a project goes from being fun to being a stressful pain in the ass.

No to say that this latest project is being a pain in the ass, it's taken forever to actually get it to come together properly and now that it has, something else has fallen off. I just hope this was the last time this happens on this project.

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