Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alien Brain Monster Squad!

We had our last day of getting major footage for the movie. Basically we went to a park, Draper, Rick and Will got into costume and we shot for about 35 minutes - in between being briefly interviews by someone for something, I've no idea who she was, I assume it was for the paper. And then a group of tourists came along and took their picture with the Brain Monsters. It was amusing. Most people seemed fascinated by it.

So the main part of the movie is done and edited. I'm hoping to do the title sequence soon as well as the opening and closing monologue bits - which might be cut depending on if I find just the right person and get a decent script for it.

Otherwise another one down. I'm working on finalizing the poster today, it's suitably 1950's sci-fi crappy looking.

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