Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grayson and Gortch

I'm definitely running way behind schedule on these shorts, I'm hoping i can catch up before I can no longer shoot outside.

I did make some decent progress today. i started working on the Gortch prosthetic for the Grayson and Gortch movie. I decided rather then buying several of the same ones originally used for Malice, that I would make my own - mainly because of the expense.

This particular prosthetic is pretty delicate, and while I managed to peel it off somewhat intact, I can't really rely on that being the case every time I need to reapply it. It's rather ridiculous when I'm fully capable of making my own - that and the cost of ordering just one is more them what it'll cost me to make 6 or 7 on my own, so it only makes sense to do it this way.

So I won't take credit for the design, that was done by the good folks at Scream Team, they make really decent prosthetics, most of which were used in Malice.

The original in Malice.

The sculpt of the new one,
designed to fit the actor much better.
The script is still being worked on, although it's coming along pretty well.

As far as the other movies, here's where we are:

Bimbo Zombie Killers!: Video is done, a rough audio track is laid down, just need to add end credits and record all the dialog.

Cronus: Video is nearly complete, one shot is missing I need to get that at some point and that should take care of that. End credits are needed, sound effects and dialog are still needed as well.

The 3D Movie: Way behind schedule. Still working on props, there's still stuff I haven't even thought of yet. A couple locations are still needed as well as extras. I'm really hoping to get moving on this soon.

And that's it.

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