Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


It's been a very quiet last couple weeks, which in some ways is a very good thing. I start some contract work next week, so things are about to get extremely busy.

Movie-wise things are still moving forwards, just in different ways then usual. As far as The Monkey Rodeo is concerned, to anyone curious, yes it's still happening and the remaining scenes are definately going to reflect the extra time I've had to work on them.

As well, in the background of all this I've been working on an animated short with Dan Caseley, it's a short story he wrote and I'm doing all the visuals. It's called Mr. Toesley and the Love Powered Space Machine. It's about a grumpy old man and his cat who live in a town called Happy (unfortunate for them). It's been slow going with so much else going on, but I've made some great progress in the last couple weeks. That hardest part about it so far has been creating a character that looks annoyed and angry but by the end has to look the exact opposite.

It's a fairly large project, all the characters are human (normally I've done weird little monsters, which is much easier) and there's several of them. In fact I'm creating what amounts to an entire small town - most of the background townsfolks are all very similar looking, but it's still a huge task.

Angry Mr. Toesley

Too much coffee Mr. Toesley

It's still in the works, I'm awhile off before I start animating, but I thought since I won't have much to post here for at least another month I'd show you what else I'm working on. And then everything will be back to normal and hopefully maybe even better then before.

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