Sunday, November 22, 2009

Updates are becoming few and far between

There's no real reason, other then nothing is going on. The last 2 projects I was going to try to do this year have been put on hold to whenever, the scripts just are coming along at all and I just don't seem to be motivated enough to make any headway on them.

However, there is some minor good news. The musical we're doing next year, Social Lives of the Undead has a really great story - no script yet though. And I managed to get permission from John Coulton to use the chorus from his song "Re: Your Brains", we'll be rewriting it slightly to fit the movie better, so that's kind of cool. If you don't know who he is, he does some really strange, but really cool song. I would venture a guess and say "Still Alive" from Portal is his most famous.

I think it's pretty cool in any case.

Otherwise, I'm plugging away at the audio for other movies. Awesome fun.

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