Sunday, May 02, 2010

Severed Baby Troll Feet

Most commonly used as a powerful hallucinogen and breath freshener. Pictured here are 5 pairs of Troll Feet with a street value of $200,000. It's so expensive because of the process by which they're harvested, which is a closely guarded secret by those who dare do so.

Troll Feet, the infant variety, first appeared on the black market in the late '80s - although the adult variety has been used for centuries by various cults and sects in certain bizarre black magic rituals. People didn't take notice until Leonard Cohen first sang about them in the song "Jazz Police" - whose lyrics were changed after the song was played live for the first time.

The lines:

"Stick another turtle on the fire
Guys like me are mad for turtle meat"

Were originally:

"Stick another troll foot on the fire
Guys like me are mad for troll feet meat"

Most people were perplexed by this, as it was widely known that Troll Feet, the common adult variety, was nothing more then a foul smelling headache remedy and cure for inverted eyeball syndrome. It wasn't until someone suggested trying the infant variety that it became a popular narcotic.

Severed Baby Troll Feet can be ingested in a variety of ways, but the most effective (and traditional) method - ensuring the user a very strong high - is cooking them over a campfire.

*These are props for a drug bust scene in the movie Grayson & Gortch. They were originally sculpted in clay, a silicone mold was made and finally cast in Flex Foam-It V. The paint job is just homemade PAX paint.

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