Saturday, April 07, 2012

4 Days to go...

The clock is kind of winding down on me these days as the date I take off for the Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference looms closer and closer. I've still got a huge pile of work to do and I'm slightly behind schedule on a couple items. It wouldn't have been so bad had a few freelance things not popped up - but money is money, so things went a little off schedule.

Just got 2 items left to mould, one I should get done today, the other probably by Saturday it'll be ready to go and then I just have to make sure I have enough. That's been my ever flip-flopping concern about this, it's either "Am I making too much stuff?" or "Am I making enough stuff?" I reckon too much isn't that big a deal in the long run, what doesn't sell simple becomes stock - which is great for the resin props since they don't have a shelf life, they're pretty much permanent. If they don't sell next weekend, then they'll be around until they do, so nothing's wasted really.

Been taking a look at the list of items I wanted to make vs the items I did make. I made 3 foam weapons/tools, intended to do 5 but there wasn't time or materials. 17 props/Demonic Antiquities, ranging from a couple Cthulhu variations, the Cyclops Fingerbone Dagger, Shrunken Demon Heads, a Golem Icon and even (still working on it) a Calcified Vampire Heart. And there were 6 or 7 items I just didn't have time for.

I'd also hoped to make about 7 latex masks, 3 full 4 just a face. Never had a chance to even think about it those. But they're on the agenda for when I get back.

In total, I did make 20 totally new items for the shop in the last couple months, that's not too bad. Got a few ideas for some new stuff. And while I intend to keep doing the prosthetics, now that the book is done I'll be letting that slide for a little while, just producing them from the moulds I've got rather then cranking out new ones constantly.

Also I'll have some of the books, The Secret Lives of Demons, for sale and some DVD of some movies. And I'm hoping to have some prototype T-Shirts I'll be taking order for should anyone be interested and I'll even be showing off my silicone mask I made. I've never put that online for sale, mainly because it was being hidden away for a project that's now never happening, so it's going to see a little more daylight now. I want to see what the reactions to it will be, I've put it through some major abuse so I know what the problem spots are - so I'm hoping a few folks might be interested in one at the low price of $300 (most silicone masks are $600 and the material cost alone is pretty steep).

Now I just have to see how much more I can make. I'll either run out of time or supplies, whatever comes first.


  1. It was great to meet you at the convention! I love the items I picked up from you - cyclops dagger, vampire teeth vial and cthulhu magnet. All will be proudly displayed on my witch's shelves year round. I was sorely tempted by your awesome cthulhu sculpture and if I didn't already have one I would have taken it in a heatbeat! Truly spectacular! (I actually may still have to get one - I mean you can never really have too many cthulhus can you? :)

  2. Hey Hector, glad you liked that stuff. It was great meeting you guys too. And there's going to be a lot more stuff coming up on the website over the next few months.