Thursday, May 10, 2012

CASTING for Bimbo Zombie Killers! Web Series

This is really only open for folks who are going to be on Prince Edward Island this summer. For the most part, if you're not and you'd like to be in a cheesy horror series, there's more info at the end. The goal is a 12 part series, each episode 5-6 minutes long. It may be fewer episodes, but it the script is not totally finished at this point.

As of today, May 10th, we're still casting 3 more of the lead(ish) female roles.
Ginger: doesn't have too much dialog, the character's a bit of a prissy beauty queen type so it's more about her actions then how's she's written - at least at this point in time. ALREADY CAST

Roxxy: quite a bit of dialog. She's not part of the main group, but is used to bridge the gap between the main characters and what's going on. Lots of exposition.

Daisy: one of the evil rednecks, the only female of their group and it's unclear exactly what the relationship between her and the other area. Sister, wife, cousin? I don't know, doesn't matter. Sort of abrasive, den mother sort of a group of idiots. CAST on MAY12th.

The script is still in development, so more roles may be needed. I'll post any updated information here or on the Bimbo Zombie Killers! group on Facebook.

And of course there's zombies, a shitload of zombies are needed.

The way the scheduling will work is this: we intend to shoot on Sundays. And since it's a series so not everyone will be needed for every episode, the plan is to alternate as many people as possible every 2nd weekend. So hopefully no one will be expected to show up every weekend, but every 2nd weekend. And alternate shoots will be arranged depending on schedules, we might shoot a night here or there, or a Saturday. Or even just shoot a few minutes with someone on a Sunday morning before letting them go and shooting with another group the rest of the day. In short, this should be as flexible a shoot as possible overall.

Alright, so here's something we're offering. I've got a couple friends who are not local who are participating in the project. They're going to be zombies in the series. So how is that going to work? Well, the overall feel of the series is meant to be as cheesy and rather clumsy as the two previous shorts that were made, so I'm not at all concerned about continuity anymore and that makes filmmaking so much more fun and this idea should work pretty well.

So how are they involved? I'm taking a few selected scenes where there's random zombie shots and letting them know, and to keep the look consistent, sending them some prosthetics and shots of our local zombies. Using their own HD camera, they will then do a few shots of their own that they will then send to me and will be inserted into the final piece. I'll colour correct and whatnot to make it match as close as possible, so it will appear, if you're paying attention, that they were part of the main shoot.

And that's it. If you're not on PEI this summer and you'd like to get in the series in a couple shots as a zombie, maybe your and a few friends just lumbering towards the camera, running through the woods, or getting shot - whatever. I'll pick out a couple shots, 4-5 and you can film them yourself and I'll edit you in.

If you're interested, join the Facebook group and post something about what I mentioned here and someone will be in touch to work out the fine details.

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