Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moonshine of the Damned, Production Journal #3

Very quick, slightly disappointing and at the same time a little relieved, kind of update.

There's been yet another massive change to the project - this will actually be the 4th big change. Due to the fact that scheduling has become near impossible at this point and face with either scrapping the project entirely or doing some drastic alterations to the script - I ended up shortening it to something a little more manageable.

The main point of doing this was to do a bit of an FX show off of some of the work I can do, that hasn't changed. There's still pretty much the same amount of FX in it as there was in the latest version of the full script (and still more actually than in the original script from last year), aside from a few full head makeup pieces - which I'm not upset about losing as they really presented another issue with time and scheduling.

It's been reduced down to the best elements, keeping all the more interesting and silly, campy moments that make it fun, the plot has been severely truncated a whole plot aspect had to be removed as it was just too complicated for something so short - and I guess it doesn't matter if I mention it now.

I was worried in the removal of this one aspect that the movie would fall back into the typical overdone category of zombie movies and it might have to some, but I think it's still got enough uniqueness to it that it will be pretty good. What was removed as the appearance of a character called Abassylar, the Devourer of Souls. Abassylar was a demon, that fed on souls obviously from the name. And his appearance was because of the sudden increase in disembodied souls because of the zombie outbreak - so the bimbo were also having to deal with this guy as well. But, he's gone because he was too complicated.

I'm aiming for a 30 minute short now instead of a 12 episode web series. I'm a little relieved as I was already feeling the stress and I'd really only a couple weeks into just scheduling things. But it's all for the best, short and sweet is sometimes better and the next update will be way more interesting.

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