Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Tariss Demon

So, I did a shoot yesterday slightly different from anything I've done up until now.The thinking behind it was to see if doing a somewhat more sexy looking Demon photo shoot might garner a little more interest - seeing as how that's pretty much how things work on average in the rest of the media.

I got the inspiration from photographer Michael Edwards series Me In My Place, I stumbled upon it some time ago through an interview with the actresss Lake Bell. They're very simple shots, but they're effective in their own way and I figured, why not try something like that with a Demon?

Of course the second half of the idea was to not just do a full face piece as usual, but to do a custom full  head piece this time and see how that worked with this concept. One of the models/actresses I've worked with a lot over the last couple years, Julie Laforest, has done shoots kind of similar to this already (although as herself) so I figured she'd be the best to go with.

 And, you can pretty much see how it all turned out here...

The prosthetic was custom made for her, so it fit pretty well, although I've yet to really get the hang of doing full head pieces like this and the edges where a little thick, plus it wasn't the best copy of the piece I could've made - but I'm not rich and something this size takes almost 3 times the amount of foam latex I usually use that can produce several full face pieces, so it had to do.

I pre-painted it beforehand, so I really only have to blend it in around her eyes, mouth and neck. I figured this would be a quicker makeup since it was all pre-painted, but it still took at least an hour or more. Ah well, at least it worked and didn't rip wide open trying to slip it on over her head - which was tricky and took about 15-20 minutes of very careful work.

I'm sure eventually I'll get a comment about doing Demon porn eventually, and just to be clear - I don't think it'll ever happen, at least not from me.

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