Thursday, March 13, 2014

No, I don't want to be on FaceOff.

I get asked this a lot, well, not really asked, but more like people telling me I should be on the show. And while that's a great compliment, especially when it's followed up with things like "your stuff is way better than anything else on that show" or "you'd totally win" - while I don't know if I agree, it's really nice of people to say. However, I've no interest in ever being on the show. No interest in the slightest. I watch the show and I enjoy the show and that's where my interest in it begins and ends, plain and simple.

I sort of feel bad when people bring it up, because they're usually so complimentary and somewhat enthusiastic, and my response is usually a negative one or I just avoid the conversation. Otherwise it just becomes this whole long, repetitive response of reasons why in order to keep them from continually making the suggestion. So what was once a positive comment ends up in a sort of negative, disappointing kind of place for them - which honestly isn't that much fun for me either. And just saying yes is bullshit, I'm not going to patronize people either.

For the record, I'm just going to say this, while it's great you think I'm of the level of talent I could go on this show and clean up, thank you, but no thanks. I hate competition, I think it brings out the worst in people and eventually just stinks of flailing desperation for approval. I hate being rushed. I've no desire to work in the movie SPFX industry. And I like doing what I do, not what someone else gives me as a half-assed, nearly ridiculously impossible to make look decent idea.

I think the challenges are a little on the ridiculous side sometimes and unrealistic as far as what might occur in the industry. I doubt the judges would be capable of anything better by times. And that there are just some design/concept combinations that just can't be done right so if they land in your lap - you're screwed, regardless of how awesome you are. You can tell someone, pick a fruit and your favourite soap opera and a design creature that represents both, but yourself at the same time! It's stupid. Okay, they've never gone that far...but close.

I don't always agree with the choices the judges make and I don't feel like my choices would always pass for them, so why put myself in that position. Of course they're successful in the industry, so they're obviously talented, but it doesn't make them 100% right and beyond doubt. I've seen them gush over makeups I thought were crap and unfortunately, I'm the sort of person who when they smell bullshit, I just walk away. Doesn't matter who you are, you can't tell me something I think is bland or crap is the way it should be done. I've no interest in dealing what that, especially in such a public forum, so I'd probably leave the show in the first 10 minutes anyway. I've got the wrong attitude to be on a show like that.

My skills are limited to my corner of the market, not to the movie industry and I'm perfectly happy where I am for the moment. I don't think I'm that good. I'm okay at best. I muddle by with a few occasional successes. There are people who think I'm good and that's great to know and I'm fine with just leaving it all at that. I don't need, or want, validation of my skills from a panel of judges (who honestly, I've never heard of until the show) on a TV show.

I don't mean this to be a slap in the face to anyone who has ever made the suggestion or has thought it but never said it, I just felt like putting it out there to avoid the very possible awkward conversation.

And that's it. To add a little, while I've no desire to be in the Hollywood end of the movie industry, I certainly wouldn't say no to the opportunity, I'm just not interested in seeking it out, as I said, I'm perfectly happy working at the level I am - so think about that if you decide to press the issue, you're basically saying that my level of happiness with my talent/success isn't good enough and that I should live up to yours instead regardless of my own person feelings. That's kind of a shitty thing to say.

Just a note: if you read this and think my point was that I believe I'm too good to be on a show like FaceOff - than you missed the point. There's some incredible talent on that show, I just don't want to be a part of it that kind of competition.

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  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    You tell it like it is.
    Your friends who know you, know that.
    People want to see you do well because they see your abilities & value & what you do, but can only make suggestions based on what they have been exposed to.
    Well meant, though off the mark.
    Been guilty of it myself!
    Kim B