Friday, February 16, 2007

Filming to resume soon...hopefully.

After a very long hiatus from filming, it’s beginning to look like we should be returning to it very soon. Things were slightly rushed, but better rushed then taking too long - which this project has already. It was really a matter of being able to afford it, there were certain elements (props, costume pieces and equipment, etc.) that I needed to have in order to shoot certain scenes properly.

I’ve more or less sectioned what’s left between my two lead actors, Heather Panton and Derek Martin. I’m treating both of their scenes as if they’re two separate projects, especially now since I’ve completed the few scenes they had together. First off we’ll be completing Heather’s stuff, there’s only 4 scenes left, and almost no dialogue - which is a huge relief for her I’m sure - although 3 of the 4 are fight scenes.

First up we’re doing “The White Room” scene, which is kinda hard to explain, but visually speaking it’s just the two actors wailing in each other in this overbright white environment, with this continual flow of debris floating up around them. Sounds a little more dramatic then it will look onscreen though. Since the rest of the movie is very visually dark, I wanted something for the final showdown between Malice and The Resurrectionist to be different. It’s a fairly straight forward scene to shoot at least, so that’s good.

Next up will be “The Bile Demon’s Lair”, which could be a huge pain in the ass, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. It involves Malice entering the basement of an old abandoned house to retrieve an object called “The Spike of Valania” which is guarded by a small army of Bile Demons. While in the context of shooting there’ll only be two Bile Demons (Draper Bulger and Dan Caseley), there’ll be some creative editing and split screening to make them look like several demons. Again, this is pretty straight forward, we have a bit of a lead up as Malice walks through the basement until she finds the Spike and has to fight off the demons to escape with it.

It’ll be a long day, I’m planning on that at least. We’ll be starting quite early, as I have to do both Draper and Dan in demon makeup. And even though it’s not the final scene of the movie, it’s pretty much the biggest live action moment - so of course we’ll be documenting the whole thing with pictures and an actual documentary. It’ll follow right from Dan and Draper arriving and getting into makeup, to arriving on the scene and the whole shoot and even the aftermath of removing the makeup and winding down. Should be kinda fun.

Then it’s the “Abandoned Building” scenes. There’s actually several, but I’ve sectioned it up to make it a little neater filming-wise. There’s a lot of cuts back and forth from scene to scene at this point, but that doesn’t change anything when we’re filming. This one has presented the biggest pain the ass, since getting just the right location has been horrifically difficult. I thought we found the perfect place, but man, was I wrong there. So since then I’ve been sort of looking, but nothing has really jumped out at me. Over the next two weeks that’s going to be one of my main things.

Everything else for this scene is nearly taken care of, I have two new actors to the project who have to be settled in - I don’t see too much of a problem there though. It’ll be chopped up into 3 basic segments, based on the actors involved. Overall there’s only 4 actors in the whole thing, but never more then 2 in the same sequence at the same time.

Once all this is done, then I’ll be moving on to the remaining 5 scenes with Derek, those are fairly easy scenes to shoot, just dialogue. So they have the potential to be a little boring, so in the downtime I’ve had up until now I’ve been thinking of ways to really make them visually more interesting. More props and funky sets, something that should give the actors as well a little more to work with.

If all goes well, and to be honest it rarely does but we can always hope, Heather’s scenes should be completed by the end of March, roughly 6 weeks I’m thinking. Then I’ll probably take a quick break as I work out the remaining 5 scenes with Derek and then it’s onto post.

We’re approaching the 2 year mark pretty soon. Actually we may have passed it, I really don’t recall when I specifically started this carnation of the project. I think I mentioned in the very first post that this was originally supposed to be just a 8 minute short, all shot in one night...things change.

That’s it for now, I just thought I’d update the blog with this info, since it’s been some time since anything has really happened. So I’m hoping in a couple weeks I’ll be updating again with some pictures and extremely interesting and provocative anecdotes...or something like that.

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