Monday, February 18, 2008

Funky New Eyeballs

Do I really need to say anything here?

I will anyway. These are the lenses for The Beast in the opening sequence for the movie. They're not exactly as pictured on the site I ordered them from, but I'm still pretty happy with how freaky they look. If you're wondering, they're freakin' huge. They're 22mm in diameter and pretty much cover half my eyeball - at least it feels that way putting them in.

They're hand painted I believe, so they're fairly unique in that sense. Since they're so large though they don't sit like normal lenses, again at least it feels that way. My vision isn't awesome with them in, since the edges are opaque and not semi-transparent like some lenses there is some vision loss around the peripheral.

Anyway, that's it for now. Things are progressing a little slowly, but the weather has been crap for filming anyway so I'm not complaining. As well, things are going well for the reshoot.

I didn't check my last post if I mentioned the reshoot, so I will more or less officially announce a major reshoot of one of the scenes for the movie. Now don't panic, if you haven't already about this you're not involved.

I'm planning on reshooting the scene that was done at Fort Amherst last fall, not because it didn't turn out, but because I can make it so much better and way more impressive. The basics of the scene haven't changed at all, we still have the Brotherhood facing an army of demons - although now we will have live action demons.

We'll be replacing the original real weapons with latex weapons. Some I already have, some I have to order, some are being custom made by a company in Germany and one I'm making myself.

The Demon Army will be played by for actors. With a lot of planning I intend to turn these 4 into several dozen, and with the addition of CG background characters - hundreds. The techniques are ones I've already used in the movie, but I was recently re-inspired by a video of 4 guys who recreated the beach storming scene from Saving Private Ryan, turning 4 into dozens.

It's actually pretty simple with a lot of planning, the post aspect becomes fairly easy. So I'll be working out the shots with much more detail to really get the most out of the 4 demons actors. These guys will be done up in funky sinister armor, with custom made swords, prosthetics and contacts lenses. I'm putting as much into this as humanly possible.

So there's a lot more to do, seems this has long since become the never ending movie - the final production time is now looking to be close to 4 1/2 years, maybe longer. Who knows, we've still got a long way to go.

Anyway, I'm still wearing these lenses, trying to get used to them. Forgive any typos since I'm working on less then 20/20 here.


  1. Awesome eyeballs- look very uncomfortable !!!

  2. Dude, them contacts must have killed your eyes after the shoot the other day. Bravo dude... the blackouts I had to wear don't even compare to the visions impairing craptasticness of your set!