Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Monkey Rodeo: Demon Rum

Well, I've been thinking about this for some time, but it's finally (sort of) come to light. I've been wanting to do some short films after Malice is all said and done, but I've really gotten to like working with prosthetics and whatnot - so I'm looking at doing a series of Monkey Rodeo short films.

They won't necessarily be related to Malice, there could be some character crossovers or reference, but for the main part they'll be stand alone stories - perhaps only enhanced be seeing Malice first, who knows though.

The first completed script is The Monkey Rodeo: Demon Rum, it's almost like a scene from the movie Trainspotting, but with demons. It's sort of a pointless little movie, more just for fun then anything - unless I come up with some better ideas in any subsequent drafts.

Also, things are gearing up nicely for the reshoot in May. I have pretty much all the parts cast, Heroes and Demons. I've working and reworking the Demon armor designs. I want them to look as cool as possible, but still flexible and lightweight, so there's a lot of experimenting with various materials to see what's the best.

One the other side of things, there's been some delays in the upcoming opening scene shoot. Mainly in getting things started. I have a shooting date in mind, I'm just being lazy in getting the actual fight scene outlined and rehearsal times set up. I'm not too worried about, that's the easiest part of the entire scene. It's the lead up to the fight and finishing touches on the costumes that's the most painstaking.

Otherwise, so far so good. It's a slow time of year, hard to stay motivated.

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