Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just thinking...

I was just thinking today how much more work is needed to finish this movie. I can't fit it all into my head actually - there's just so freakin' much crap.

From designing this and that, little minor post elements that don't effect anything other then the final look of the movie, to characters and down to finally the Brotherhood flashback sequences.

The flashbacks are slowly becoming too huge I think. I'm not worried or changing them, I might have to edit them down more then I'd like to make them work in the final piece, but better that then having too little to work with.

I've changed the Brotherhood costumes a small bit, nothing major, they just look a little more indivdual now. The tunics and surcoats will be actual purchased pieces for the most part rather then handmade ones - just because they look cooler. The original foam bracers will be replaced with actual leather ones.

The demon armor is coming along well. With a little rethinking and whatnot I've gotten it down to a very simple, easy to put on and take off design. It'll be very realistic in the sense that it'll be all made of leather. Greaves, bracers, chestplate and pauldrons all made of leather. Seems a little overboard - but I do want this to look good. Plus this way it'll stand up to a lot of abuse and it seems appropriate for the characters.

I'm just hoping the company I've chose to get the demon face prosthetics from has enough in stock by the time I order it. Otherwise it looks like there's the possibility I'm going to do my own custom prosthetic - this'll be a first.

That's all for now. I'm hoping to do some shooting this coming Wednesday if all goes well. We'll see I guess.

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