Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Monkey Rodeo Winter Schedule

Things are moving slowly, so there's not much to update about really.

Over the course of the winter, here's what I expect to happen.

Malice: I'm hoping to get a final edit done, then start in with the visual effects and any other post production stuff. I'll be looking at putting together a (fairly) portable sound studio and start in on the dialog recording by February or March if things stay on track.

Otherwise, I've been taking a few hours here and there to finish up a photo book of Malice. It's a collection of all the photos taken over the last couple years, as well as some shots of the Cg characters and the props and whatnot. Hoping to have that done by December.

I'm also planning on having a website for Malice up and running by the new year if not sooner.

Demon Rum: It's pretty much done. I need to tighten up the edit a bit, get the music in and re-record all the dialog. The attempt at recording our sound while shooting didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Luckily there's very little by way of dialog in this movie.

The Monkey Rodeo Project: Demon Rum was the first of these, but the rest are in various stages of pre-production. I'm planning on having all the scripts in at least their first draft by January, so I can then start sussing out location, casting and props.

This time around I'm also planning on making all the prosthetics myself (which if you've been paying attention shouldn't come as a surprise). I'll be using the Project to come up with ideas and more or less test out and show off the prosthetics and perhaps even some props that I've made.

By May, I should be ready to start filming the first of the Project, starting with Cronus (maybe earlier if it works out).

By next summer, I'm hoping to have the prosthetic shop up and running and even be in the position to start selling them online. That's the plan at least.

That's pretty much it. Over the winter I'll be experimenting with the whole prosthetic thing, so there'll more then likely be periodic updates about that stuff. As well, in the next month I'm hoping to put Demon Rum online somewhere.

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