Saturday, January 03, 2009


I finally had time to work on the first prosthetic for The Monkey Rodeo: Cronus. I made a small set of horns before this - not in the foam yet, just sculpted and made the molds. I was trying to figure out a right ratio for a small batch of foam to just do the horns - I gave up and decided I might as well start the face prosthetic for Cronus (there will be more for other characters).

It came out not too bad, not awesome, but this was my first ever attempt at sculpting something like this. The horns all came from another prosthetic that I bought online in hopes of it being the right for Cronus - it looked great, but it was way too small for Draper's face. So I decided to make my own based off that one.

With the one I bought, the horns all had to be glued on separately, I decided to make it all one piece. I'll find out soon enough if that was a bad idea. I'm going to try making the negative mold of this tonight possible, so we'll soon see how this is going to all work out.

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  1. I'm going to be the most BEAUTIFUL demon at the ball.... yaaaaaaaaaay! Seriously, it looks awesome so far dude. LOL @ "It looked great, but it was way too small for Draper's face." Hahahaha.