Sunday, January 03, 2010

First "commission" piece

As the title says.

I did my first commission piece this weekend - although to be accurate it's not really. I volunteered to do it, mainly for the practice. I find when it's for yourself it's hard to come up with ideas or get motivated, but when someone mentioned they need something very specific and within a specified time (a reasonable specified time too) it's much easier to get into.

I did a post a long time ago about gelatin prosthetics, there's the kind made from gelatin that's more of a prosthetic grade and then there's the homemade stuff that's more like weird jelly rubber. This will be made of the homemade version, mainly because it's so quick, cheap, durable and easy to replace and duplicate.

All those things were pretty much necessary in this case.

I don't want to say what it's for at the moment, other then it's for a web series starting I think in May. I'll post a link once it's online.

This does look good for starting up my online store, which should happen in February maybe. I don't expect to make much from doing local work, but it's nice that it's there as a possibility. And depending on the sort of piece I might be able to produce it for my shop, which would allow me to create it cheaper for whoever commissioned it.

I doubt I'll be doing commissions online though, seems like it might be more trouble then it's worth in the end. I guess it would all depend on 2 things, if the piece is something I feel is something I could sell, or of the person is willing to pay enough to make it worth the effort. I haven't really thought too much about it, something these things end up being a huge pain in the ass anyway.

That's it for now. I started resculpting one of the prosthetics from Cronus for online sale. Should be done later this week.

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