Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slasher Flick

It's been awhile since I update this - mainly because nothing's been going on. Just waiting on the soundtrack for the 3D Movie - no idea when that'll be done. All the audio for Cronus still needs to be done, I'm hoping to get out under a pile of work and crap to get that started soon.

Karl and Grayson & Gortch have taken a bit of a backseat for the moment, they're still being worked on, just taking forever. Although a first draft of the script for Grayson & Gortch is done.

Otherwise, I've been making some progress with the Slasher Flick. It will have a real title, just haven't come up with a decent one yet. The movie has taken a more serious tone then originally planned, not overly serious, not dramatic serious just not as campy as Bimbo Zombie Killers! was. We're kind of hoping it'll have the same tone as the movie Slither.

The plot is pretty decent, a little involved and told fairly simply, but you'll have to actually pay attention or it won't make sense. Bad news for folks who had trouble understanding Bimbo Zombie Killers!

We have our location, scouted it out this weekend and with a little work it should be perfect. It'll be a single weekend long shoot. Strting Friday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon. Mainly because it's a two hour drive to the location and it's pretty isolated. I'm pretty confident we can shoot the whole thing pretty quick, we'll just have to storyboard the hell out of it so we don't miss anything - at least nothing that can't be reset and shot elsewhere more convenient.

The location as it looks now.

Still got a few months work on it anyway, I think our target date is May sometime to shoot it.

Lots of FX to work out, should be pretty gory in places and the final scene takes place underwater even. Should be interesting.

In other news, I've been busy working away at sculpting prosthetics and while I won't say I'm pretty awesome at it, because I'm not, I am getting much a better feel for it. I thought it was odd at first how everything I read refused to say there is a standard technique for sculpting - as I progressed with it I realized that the technique I'm most comfortable with doesn't match any of the descriptions I read -makes sense now.

I've got a couple done, nothing spectacular, but fairly decent. Obviously as I get better at sculpting I'll probably become more adventurous with the designs.

The hardest part is finding a decent supplier during the winter months, since latex is a water based product and it has to be shipped in a heated container. I need to find out what the shelf life of this stuff is, maybe I can just stock up when it's warmer.

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