Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Trying to get myself organized

I spent the last 2 months doing anything and now I've got too much I'm trying to do all at once. Typical.

I'm in the midst of trying to sort out some details on applying for a grant, a huge grant that will allow me to do a feature film of The Brotherhood, which might have a tentative title "The Well of Demons". I don't know, just playing around with some ideas, "The Brotherhood" feels a little limp as far as titles go. I might post a poll somewhere to see what title sounds best.

Hoping to get this all wrapped up as soon as possible so I can focus on some other things.

As far as actual work goes, I've been sculpting some new pieces. Should have about 8 new items, prosthetics, online next week. A few new full face/partial face pieces, a couple new sets of ears and a few varieties of horns.

Also hoping to get some photo shoots lined up soon, so if there's anyone local interested in getting all demoned up, let me know. You can find out a submission form here.

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